Kaadhal Rojave Lyrics (with English Translation)

AR Rahman

Kaadhal Rojave Enge Nee Enge Lyrics with English Translation – With Maniratnam’s Roja, the very first feature film, AR Rahman won the National Film Award for Best Music Direction, Filmfare Award for Best Music Director – Tamil and the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Music Director. The song was among the “10 Best Soundtracks” of all time listed by TIME magazine (2005). Bless. Like Jesus coming down to earth again.


Kaadhal Rojave Enge Nee Enge
Kanneer Vazhiyuthadi Kanne
Oh My Love, Where Are You?
Tears are rolling down, dear

We see a rose in an extremely odd atmosphere and from the very first view you can feel the artificiality or you feel unacceptable to the see rose there. That is the exact situation of Roja when Rishi is not with her.

Kannukkul Neethaan
Kanneeril Neethaan
Kanmoodi Paarthaal
Nenjukkul Neethaan
Ennaanatho Ethaanatho Sol Sol
You Are In My Eyes,
You Are In My Tears,
When Eyes Are Closed,
You Appear Inside.
Tell Me, What Happened!

This song is in a class by itself, there is nothing to compare it to then or now. The composition, the changes, everything is genius. It’s a fascinating track and as perfect a composition can, I think this song has to get the crown.

Thendral Ennai Theendinaal Selai Theendum Njaabagam
Touch Of Breeze Reminds Me Of Your Saree
Chinna Pookkal Paarkkaiyil Deham Paartha Njaabagam
Small Beautiful Flowers Reminds Me Of Your Body

Velli Odai Pesinaal Sonna Vaarthai Njaabagam
The Silver Stream Speech Reminds Me Your Words (Voice)
Megam Rendum Sergaiyil Mogam Konda Njaabagam
When Two Clouds Merge, It Reminds Me Our Cuddle


There’s also a lot of emotion in it, as he can’t really accept the truth. It creates some serious emotion in the beginning and then releases some beautiful and free flowing music.

Vaai Illaamal Ponaal Vaarthai Illai Kanne
Words Will Not Be There Without Mouth
Nee Illaamal Ponaal Vaazhkkai Illai Kanne
Life Will Not Be There For Me Without You
Mulloduthaan Muthangalaa Sol Sol
Does Kisses Have Thorns!

Veesuginra Thendrale Velai Illai Inru Po
Dear Blowing Breeze, You Have No Job, Stop
Pesuginra Vennilaa Penmai Illai Ointhu Po
Dear Whispering Moonlight, No Feminine Here, Go Away

Poo Valartha Thottame Koonthal Illai Theernthu Po
Dear Garden With Flowers, No More Hair, Wither It All
Boomi Paarkkum Vaaname Pulliyaaga Theinthu Po
Oh Sky, Stop Looking At Earth And Fade Away

Paavai Illai Paavai Thevai Enna Thaevai
No Dames Are Necessary
Jeevan Pona Pinne Sevai Enna Sevai
What Is Service After Life Is Gone

Mulloduthaan Muthangalaa Sol Sol..
Does Kisses Have Thorns

SP Baralsubramaniam has such a divine voice which makes the song even more incredible. Also let’s not forget the video that accompanied it!

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