Kaala (Review): Rajinikanth is Dope. A Solid Good Film. 4/5

Tamil Movie Review of Kaala

Kaala begins with an animated story telling the importance of land and the suppression of the downtrodden by the power-hungry. ‘Land is the common man’s right’ is the crux of the story of Pa. Ranjith’s Kaala starring Superstar Rajinikanth.

Claiming “Rajinikanth’s Best” is quite a statement with films like “Thalapathi” and “Mullum Malarum,” but I truly believe it is. Kaala is superb from start to finish. It is Pa. Ranjith literally at the peak of his craft. A small example is the love track between Zareena and Kaala, beautifully done with great performances. The pre-interval block will electrify you like scenes from Padayappa or Baatcha. Pure mass. You see Rajinikanth’s vintage style and mannerisms. A stunning performance by Rajinikanth carries this film into cinematic excellence, with Pa Ranjith’s uncompromising direction focusing on current politics.

The scenes of Rajinikanth with his sons and with Zareena are the best of him in long, long years. A classic example of great acting.

A Pa. Ranjith movie with Rajinikanth

Pa. Ranjith has masterfully directed every aspect. Any movie fan, especially Rajinikanth’s and Pa. Ranjith’s fans, would definitely love the experience. The most obvious reason is Rajinikanth’s pure cinematic style. There’s violence, great characters, and classic filmmaking by Ranjith. It’s easy enough to get satisfied by those. The filmmaking is, without a doubt, stunning. The direction showcases many styles and impressive shots. From the very first sequence, you already get a sense of fascination about what’s happening. The ending is magical. Awe-inspiring.

Santhosh Narayanan’s music, background score, and songs also play a significant part. He is truly the successor of Ilayaraja and AR Rahman. The background score is outstanding with the perfect use of silence.

Kaala has every single element of a perfect Rajinikanth movie with the added pleasure of being done almost better than he has done in the past 15 years. A good supporting cast helps, but this is Rajinikanth’s show from the very start. His performance is dominant, and this is easily one of the best jobs. I would recommend everyone to go watch this film; it is truly a great film… unless you’re a little kid who keeps the ‘political’ side ego in mind with a mind full of hatred against Rajini.

4 Rating

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