Kaithi Review: Oh What a Night, What a Lovely Night!

Kaithi Review

From the maker of Maanagaram. Lokesh Kanagaraj. Remember the name. Here is a director who is true to his craft. The writing and narration is picture perfect. The characters were all awesome and Lokesh introduce them all almost instantly and get right into the action. This is an action movie that will set an example for years to come. Intense action from start to finish and didn’t slow down at all.

Karthi deserves appreciation for accepting an out of box movie. He has a knack to find perfect one-time directors for him. Let it be Pa. Ranjith (Madras), H. Vinoth (Theeran) or Lokesh (Kaithi). Their second movies were with Karthi and we know their respective third movies! Karthi is wonderful in action scenes as well as the emotional scenes. Very good to see Narain in a character with good space on screen and also to perform.

Sam CS’s background score is top notch, so are Sathyan Sooryan’s cinematography and Philomin Raj’s editing. Wonderful cinematography, good character development and a sufficient plot for action blocks. Kaithi is a striking, desolate, and memorable action flick!

We wish Kaithi becomes a landmark for commercial films. Kaithi has set a new standard for action films. Not a single moment wasted in this film. With the title card, it jumps to the story line and goes to the climax in amazing pace. Kaithi is the best pure action movie that we’ve ever seen since Mad Max.

Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Kaithi exceeded our expectations, and will exceed yours as well.

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