Kali (Malayalam) Review

“Kali” was released with huge expectations and the burden to reach a certain ‘level’. It marks Sameer Thahir’s second film with Dulquer Salmaan. While most of the posters conveyed a completely romantic feel about the movie, the title and later the trailer pointed to what the film is truly about.

“Kali” revolves around a short-tempered husband and his beautiful wife who is trying to control his temper to be with him as they dreamed. His anger leads them to face drastic changes in their life. Now, they must confront the issues, the pain, control his anger, and reconcile with each other to be united. In one sentence, the story is rich. “Kali” combines not only good acting and directing but also engages the viewers with the story.

Exceptional Supporting Cast and Technical Brilliance: The Ingredients that Make “Kali” a Cinematic Gem

What is most impressive about the script is that it doesn’t have the usual ‘hero’, the ‘Harischandran’ or the ‘Jesus Christ’, who is all good. It presents a character with flaws who performs actions that are unforgivable, yet the viewers empathize with the character. The characters here have their own shades, both good and bad, they look real, and the situations they get into have reasonable reasons, not ‘simply’. This is an excellently written movie, with an impressive plotline. Sameer Thahir, a great cinematographer (Bangalore Days), proves once again that he is a very good director too (after Neelakasham Pachcha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi). He presents the story in a tightly constructed manner that can truly resonate with the viewer who is attentive.

Dulquer Salmaan’s Stellar Performance: A Perfect Fit for the Short-Tempered Protagonist

Let me just say that one rarely sees a movie with a perfect cast. Here it is. Dulquer Salmaan is perfect, channeling Mammootty in Thaniyavarthanam as the short-tempered young man. As usual, he adds a feather to his ever-growing crown. He is menacing and lovable all at once. Regardless of whether the character is good, freakish, cruel, or stupid, like Mohanlal, Dulquer has that mysterious knack of making the audience fall in love with him. His market and fan base are skyrocketing. No wonder if somebody calls him the successor of Mohanlal.

Sai Pallavi’s Commanding Presence: Breaking Stereotypes with a Powerful Performance

Dulquer and Sai Pallavi’s combination scenes, going through different emotions, are awesome. Here, unlike usual, we see the lead women taking charge and carrying the movie on her back along with the male lead and antagonist. Sai Pallavi’s understated yet powerful performance is spellbinding. She works her magic again, following her role in Premam. She portrays the role of a wife who tries her best to control her husband’s anger and beautifully depicts the struggles and hardships faced.

With stunning performances from Chemban Vinod Jose, Vinayakan, and Soubin Shahir, this movie is sure to make you watch it not just once but over and over. Gopi Sunder’s background music is impressive, as are the songs. The music helps bring out the true emotions and tensions of the film. The visuals are beautiful, with special mention for the costumes.

This movie is one that you cannot simply afford to miss! Look closer, and you will find an absolute gem.

3.5 Rating

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