Kollywood: Why Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay are the top stars

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Every Pongal and Diwali, Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay fans eagerly anticipate film announcements. This Diwali featured a ‘Bigil’ release, while Pongal earlier had a ‘Viswasam.’ Fans passionately engage on social media and in theaters, competing to make their heroes’ films blockbusters. Despite rumored rivalry, producers eagerly seek to sign both stars. What makes Thala and Thalapathy so crucial to everyone?

Box Office Opening

When an Ajith or Vijay film releases, producers can expect a significant box office impact. Ajith, known as the Box Office King, is now being rivaled by Vijay. ‘Viswasam’ reportedly earned Rs 26.7 crore in Tamil Nadu on day one, while ‘Bigil’ amassed Rs 25.2 crore. These figures ensure that producers and distributors can recoup investments within the first three days and continue to profit in the following weeks. The substantial return on investment (ROI) makes these films highly attractive. Producers consider it prestigious to work with these stars, even willing to wait years for their confirmation. Distributors understand that even with just one film a year from each star, they can recover losses by acquiring their films at any price.

Fan Frenzy

After Superstar Rajinikanth, Ajith and Vijay have a significant fan base, especially among the youth, who view them as role models. Fans come from various backgrounds, creating a massive following for both actors. Their ‘mass’ image from films has translated into a large offscreen fan base. With high demand in the market, it’s essential to cater to these fans and create movies that resonate with them. Fans, quite literally, worship both stars, with rituals like milk abhiskhem during movie releases. Vijay’s potential entry into politics adds to his allure. The key to satisfying these passionate fans is to produce more films, ensuring high returns at the box office. Despite Ajith officially disbanding fan clubs, his followers maintain groups and engage in social activities, much like Vijay’s fans.

Social Messages

Recently, both Ajith and Vijay films incorporate essential social messages, addressing politics, women’s issues, and societal concerns. Even in commercial films, they prioritize conveying a meaningful message to their fans. The era of subtle ‘mother sentiment’ or ‘sister sentiment’ has evolved into addressing crucial topics like the right to vote, women’s empowerment, and societal well-being. This approach resonates with the audience, who appreciate their idols going beyond mere song and dance on screen. While other actors attempt a similar route, the emotional connection Ajith and Vijay share with the audience is hard to replicate. Their global market share and enduring popularity make them unparalleled in the industry. In this context, Thala and Thalapathy are poised to dominate the box office and their fans’ hearts for years to come.

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