Koose Munisamy Veerappan (Review) – A Gripping Saga Unfolds

Veerappan Documentary Review By PS Arjun

“Koose Munisamy Veerappan” (2023) is a Tamil docu-series produced by ZEE5. It explores the life of the notorious Indian poacher and domestic terrorist, Veerappan, showcasing previously unseen real-life footage and snippets of narration by the outlaw.

A murderer should not be called a hero.” The first episode begins with Nakeeran Gopal stating, ‘But still, Veerappan is a hero.‘ The docuseries provides in-depth information on Veerappan’s imprisonment, betrayal, inaugural murder, the underlying reasons, his sister’s demise, the Kaveri issue, political engagements, and the extensive examination of police department atrocities. Interviews with journalists, lawyers, police officers, activists, and relevant individuals contribute to the comprehensive narrative.

Nakkheeran Gopal’s Recordings: Crafting a Comprehensive Narrative

The documentary is based on videos, audio tapes, and letters recorded by journalist Nakiran Gopal, who directly met Veerappan in the forest. It is finely crafted. The makers have been careful not to present the series as a glorification of Veerappan. Kudos to the team of Jayachandra Hashmi, Sharath Jyoti, and Vasanth Balakrishnan. Their research about the subject is evident from the word go. Numerous interviews, information, and incidents, summarizing and extending them where and as needed.

“The Hunt for?” – Unveiling Task Force Atrocities

The fourth episode, ‘The Hunt for?,’ leaves us reeling. This segment emphatically discusses the violence perpetrated by the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka Task Force on common people. Electrocution, sexual violence, beatings, stripping, and even preventing assistance during natural disasters, as well as torturing pregnant women. Victims speak directly about the tortures and human rights violations that occurred in the ‘STF Camp’ / ‘Workshop’.

This documentary holds immense importance; Veerappan’s narrative vividly portrays the harsh impact of state power on ordinary citizens. It is impactful, revealing the plight of victims caught in a perilous situation.

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