Kubera Rasi (Review): An Enjoyable Thriller. 3/5

Kubera Rasi Movie Review

Kubera Rasi is a crime – thriller Tamil movie directed by R. Radhakrishnan. The film produced by I & B Movies, is all about a young man getting into a deep trouble in search of money.

The film has a lot of fresh faces. The main character done by Roshan Basheer, did well as the job less young guy named Murugan. This is Roshan’s major project after his significant role in Kamal Haasan’s Papanasam in Tamil. He is convincing, with more care on casual scenes he will have a good round. Bijo Isaaq looked solid as the money obsessed robber. Can find a space in the industry with good selection of movies. Actress Abhirami Suresh plays the role of a bank employee. She is good in the limited space she got. Other actors like Thalaivasal Vijay  did their part well too.

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The movie will thrill audience post a dragging first twenty minutes, especially after the introduction of Bijo Isaaq. The script had enough scope for a perfect thriller but loses its grip somewhere due to its amateur technical quality. The movie had so much potential – a reasonably strong idea and clearly a decent budget. Smart script, awful direction. Potentially great thriller gets lost amid an aimless direction. Major moral blind-spots too and unbelievable characters. the plot keeps engorging but is ultimately a bit too flaccid to be penetrating. There is a little gem at the end. The movie ends with an interesting post climax scene. It’s a little hectic, but there’s no bloody showdowns. Special thanks to Suresh Urs for making the film looks speedy and gripping enough for a small budget thriller with new comers. 

Sure realism isn’t high on the agenda of the film and I found the plot pretty predictable, simplistic, sentimental and often unrealistic with many holes. There are no songs, and background music is just average, so is the camera work and costumes. Unimpressive. What works well here is the story and script, but casting could have been better, especially for certain characters like the CBI officers and his assistants. A good plot, but a hair long. Overall it ends as a decent film for a good one time watch for its interesting plot.

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