Lilli Malayalam Movie Review: Prashob Vijayan’s debut is raw, and gritty.

Everything about Lilli is new, Lilly has a freshly brewed top-notch content. Lilli belongs to a genre Malayalam Cinema has not witnessed, until its release. Lilli is a brutal survival thriller. This story is of a mysterious pregnant woman named Lilli, who is kidnapped by three men, the reasons and her survival unfolds the story.

Every character portrayed, including the debutantes, have put on a remarkable performance. The engaging background score and explicit scenes make Lilli more intriguing, for which the credit goes to the entire technical team the Cinematography Lighting Direction and the Art department. In this female-oriented subject, Samyuktha Menon plays the protagonist (Lilly), who is helpless at a moment and embraces out to be a strong will powered women with a flawless transformation.

As said it’s brutal and so it is not for light hearted people. Prashob Vijayan’s debut, Lilly, is a raw, gritty movie that adds value to Malayalam Cinema.

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