Million hits Wink? Well it’s not just the wink | Priya Prakash Warrier

Is your phone gallery full of videos of a Beautiful school girl winking at you, does your Youtube homepage suggests you to click on the same, and your friends bombarding with you with the same as Whatsapp video status!

There is nothing wrong with you or your friends. You are just being a part of another Internet sensation

Here we are talking about the new romantic song “Manikya Malaraya Poovi –”  from the movie “Oru Adaaru Love” directed by Omar Lulu. The song which got published on Feb 9 2018 has got more than 800K hits in Youtube so far.

Here we are discussing little bit about the factors made this happen

Priya Prakash Warrier- The girl who won many hearts with a wink.

Priya Prakash Warrier, who got 1.7million followers through a single wink is a student of Vimala College, Thrissur. She has been appeared in social media earlier through her self-recorded songs sung by herself. She has also acted in short films called Kadalasu thoni and “Third Flip”- Even though all of these appearances were sensation as well, this one crossed the all the geographical boundaries.

Vineeth Sreenivasan – Shaan Rahman Combo

Well if you think it’s just these expressions that made this song a viral hit then no. The song has got the perfect Vineeth-Shan Rahman magic as well. Vineeth Sreenvasan whose voice were known for romantic songs (Ente Kalbile, Anuragathin velayil, Hridayavum hridayavum, Aluva puzhayude theerathu, kaatu mooliyo and many more) has given another hit to add on to your melody list . And speaking of the music director Shan Rahman is one of the trend setters in Malayalam movie industry (Aadu oru bheekara jeevi, Godha, Ohm Santi Oshana). Both of them are known for their friendship and talent from the time of Team Malayalee album as well. Entammede Jimikki Kammal – created by these combo was an internet sensation that went internationally viral.

Its Valentine’s Day time and its School Love.

The movie song captures few love stories happening in school life during a college function. A couple innocently flirting through their expressions. A One sided lover watching his dream girl. And also some beautiful school scenes. As the Valentine’s Day is approaching all the above mentioned elements will make everyone recall their school times.

And yes the TROLLS.

In this Internet era the best way to do marketing is to get accepted by the social media, especially by the trolls. Where in most of the cases it works against the original video here it went in favour. Troll makers began to edit the small sequence of Priya Prakash Warrier and Roshan. But in the Trolls boy get replaced by stars and super stars. These include Malayalam, Tamil, Bollywood even Hollywood superstars as well. And yes it’s not limited just to Film industries, Troll makers have already uploaded Narendra Modi’s and Donald Trump’s version of the same as well.

So within a week after the song gets uploaded the movie has got a great response in the social media. Internet world is waiting for the next official uploads from the crew. Its being heard the Oru Adaaru Love will be releasing by the end of April 2018.

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