MM Keeravani about retirement, SS Rajamouli and more

MM Keeravani, one of the most respected music directors of Telugu film industry awaiting his biggest movie, Baahubali 2, posted a stream of tweets about his future plan, Rajamouli, Nagarjuna and more. He started with ‘My journey stared with Mouli sir., after 27 years, here I am with Rajamouli. God blessed me with glory and failures. No regrets. Only lessons learned. Nobody can touch Rajamouli as long as I am with him. But the point is I have my retirement waiting for me’.

What made him take this decision? No idea. About Music Director Thaman, Keeravani tweeted ‘Thaman is eagerly waiting for the moment. He enquired my assistant Jeevan more than once about it. Thaman is my fan too. But he wants Jeevan’s availability because he is a very good programmer’.

The man who composed ‘Pusindi Pusindi Punnaga’ didn’t stop his stream of tweets. He continued ‘I worked mostly with brainless directors. They won’t listen to my words. The reason for my best music for SSR. He listens. If at all I continue working as per my well wishers wish, I don’t want to work with deaf and dumb directors’. About him continuing his film career, Keeravani tweeted that the chances of continuing his career is less as there are many brainless directors in Tollywood.

About SS Rajamouli ‘No one can reach SSR (Rajamouli) standards as long as his devotion and passion for work lasts. Idhi vandha shaatham nijam. Idhi naa vedha vaakku’
About Nagarjuna ‘Nagarjuna garu never left my hand in good times and bad times. Like he said in the middle of Telusaa Manasaa. I am grateful to him’

PlumeriĆ  Movies wishes the legendary music director MM Keeravani a great future.

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