‘Murivu’ action thriller Malayalam film, First song released

Murivu Malayalam Movie

‘Murivu,’ written and directed by K. Shemeer, and produced by Way to Films Entertainment and Beyond Cinema Creatives, has released its first song. Goodwill Entertainments owns the music rights of the film, featuring music composed by Yunuseo.

Suhail Sultan’s beautiful lyrics are sung by Sithara Krishnakumar and Sreejish. The film also stars Mass Films director Ajay Vasudev and screenwriter-producer Nishad Koya.

In addition to many newcomers, the film features Shah Rukh Shamir, Riyad Muhammad, Krishna Praveena, Sona Philip, Anwar Luwa, Siva, Bhagat Venugopal, Deependra, Jayakrishnan, Suryakala, and Liji Joy. The makers have announced that the film will be released in January. Harish AV handles the camera, and ‘Murivu’ is edited by Gerin Raj. Surya Shyangopal, Anand Narayanan, P Jayalakshmi, and others have also sung in the film. Project Designer: P Sivaprasad.

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