Namma Veettu Pillai (Review)

Namma Veettu Pillai

Dosed with humour sentiment and practicality, Namma Veettu Pillai doesn’t fail to deliver. Come-back movie of Sivakarthikeyan decorates him as a devoted brother, son and family to everyone with a heart. Bharathiraja, has set a high bench mark for anyone to reach and he’s proven himself quite worthy of the same. All the Tamil language lovers might definitely demand more screen time for Bharathiraja, for he might be delving into emotional web but how does one forget his grip on the beautiful language and who wouldn’t want to hear more from him, on any given day.

Samuthirakani, with a history of choosing movies meticulously, reminds us of his thoughtful process and talents that have brought him to where he is. As a layman, I was left wanting to see more of Samuthirakani on stage, with his remarkable dialogue delivery and screen presence. He doesn’t fail to make one stand in awe of his majestic posture. Music by D. Imman has kept many humming the tunes all day.

The cast has made it easy for the audience to swallow bitter sentiments, with humour easing our pain. With moments where one would struggle to fight off a tear, the director and crew have once again held the baton high. Somehow to me Director Pandiraj’s son who played Soori’s son in the movie, stole the show. His witty come backs and courageous retorts kept the flame burning bright and showed one and all how, talent and show business is genetically induced in this case. As a person who has had a soft corner for Soori as a leading comedian and low-key hoping that he too, doesn’t jump into dreams of turning a cringe worthy hero anytime soon- I applaud his consistency and appreciate the timing and family-time approved jokes in this movie.

Aishwarya Rajesh

The choice of the heroine seemed like a prank on the money paying audience but easily over thrown by the protagonist – Aishwarya Rajesh (Sivakarthikeyan’s sister) around whom the entire movie revolves. She has carried the 2-3 hours with ease and remarkable stride. She’s one of the few in the industry who makes it increasingly obvious that she’s not a child of destiny but is made of hard work and some quality output. Whether it’s humor, song, or sentiment, the chemistry between Siva and Aishwarya has successfully achieved the goal. Bearing with the stereotyped “heroine” with a pinch of salt, the overall movie has been a class act. Though started out to portray her as an ambitious modern woman who has forgotten her roots, somehow becomes irrelevant in the movie and a mere necessity to feed the stereotype that the hero needs a duet pair.

The scenes where they’ve played with the black and white drop with the sibling duo- has managed to bring a curve of a smile on many. Couldn’t have chosen a better protagonist to repeat the cliché storyline in their own humorous manner. Chemistry between Siva and Soori is impossible to miss- and has been a steady advantage over the past as well. Tried and tested methods for a safe victory. The director has used everyone’s key qualities in the most lucrative manner, proving his strategy at it.

However, one would find it mandatory to convey the displeasure about the pairing for Siva, for better understanding I’d compare this to Amy Jackson in Theri- could’ve been better but thankfully no one would be focusing there. But that’s be just my personal opinion. It has proved to be a joyous occasion for Aishwarya Rajesh, for the stage was all hers and stayed that way.

The movie revolves around the family relationships and their differences.

Discussing the other characters, Subbu Panchu takes on a role with a negative tinge and sports a beard, enhancing his screen presence. The beard hasn’t harmed his image, and neither has his performance. He frequently portrays a pure soul, connecting with the audience and earning their approval, as seen in his roles in Boss Engira Baskaran or even Briyani.

The movie revolves around family relationships and their differences. The protagonist believes that everyone must be treated with care, irrespective of their status or position, and he faces obstacles when the views of others vary. His unbound love for his sister and his determination to see her live a peaceful life has brought about Goosebumps in us. How he prioritises to give respect to his family over his personal love life, has made us view him with respect. Might seem outlandishly theatrical but eased with good quality humour.

In total, family affection with cliché storyline and country side background somehow still safely hits home and is on its way to stay a blockbuster. Sivakarthikeyan starrer, rather, Aishwarya AND Siva starrer- is a crowd pleaser.

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