Nayanthara the actress with the most Box Office power

Nayanthara, often hailed as the golden actress, has earned immense love from critics, audiences, and production houses alike. Her notable roles in films like Billa, Raja Rani, Naanum Rowdy Dhaan, Maya, Sri Rama Rajyam, and Arrambam have solidified her reputation. Now, with the teaser release of Dora, her star power is once again in the spotlight.

A Screen Presence Like No Other

Goosebumps Guaranteed

Nayanthara’s mere screen presence has the ability to give audiences goosebumps, reminiscent of a Super Star. Doubtful? Watch the teaser of Dora! Witness her incredible walk that exudes mass appeal, comparable to Super Star Rajinikanth himself. It’s an unexpected display of sheer mass presence, and Nayanthara pulls it off effortlessly, creating a sensation.

Dora’s Teaser: A Massive Hit

Overwhelming Response

The teaser of Dora has received an overwhelming response, and the credit largely goes to the name ‘Nayanthara.’ Fans and viewers are captivated by her performance, making it clear that Nayanthara’s star power is unparalleled.

Nayanthara’s Golden Comeback

Post-2012 Hits

In the latter half of her career, Nayanthara made a remarkable comeback, earning her the title of the golden actress. The turning point was marked by her roles in Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum (Telugu) and Raja Rani (Tamil).

Versatility in Performances

Shift to Performance-Oriented Roles

While initially known for her hits, Nayanthara transitioned to more performance-oriented characters after 2012. Notable roles include Devika in Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum, Rathna Mahadevi in Kashmora, Meera George in Irumugan, Vasuki Iyer in Puthiya Niyamam, and Maya Mathews in Maya.

Trendsetter in Style

Fashion and Trends

Nayanthara’s style and costumes have become noteworthy, setting trends in the industry. From her gorgeous looks in Bhaskar the Rascal and Puthiya Niyamam in Malayalam to sizzling get-ups in Arrambam, she has become a trendsetter in the world of fashion.

Female Version of Super Star Rajinikanth

Distinct Persona

Known as the female version of Super Star Rajinikanth, Nayanthara has carved her niche without relying on traditional roles like ‘Amman’ characters or wearing a police uniform. Her unique style and impactful performances have set her apart in the industry.

Must Watch Movies Of Nayanthara

  • Puthiya Niyamam
  • Raja Rani
  • Maya
  • Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum
  • Billa
  • Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

Nayanthara’s rising popularity as an actress led to her being cast in female centric commercial films like Maya, upcoming Dora and Aramm, Kolaiyuthir Kaalam etc.. Her box office power is so much that, a movie with Nayanthara on the poster gets bigger release not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Kerala too in addition to the additional market in Telugu. She is the highest paid actress in the south. We can consider Nayanthara as the queen of South India in terms of beauty, box office power and style. Scarlett Johansson of Kollywood.

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