Nerkonda Paarvai (Review): Hard Hitting and Ajith Kumar’s best

Nerkonda Paarvai, remake of Pink, a critically acclaimed social thriller film directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. Nerkonda Paarvai comes from the director of Sathurangavettai and Theeran Adhigaram Ondru. H. Vinod. Here he joins Ajith Kumar and Yuvan Shankar Raja for a powerful film.

Nerkonda Paarvai is a reflection on the mindset of our society. We know Nerkonda Paarvai does it well, and hit the right spot when a video released of ‘Valaipechu’, online-video-reviewer(s) talking about ‘such girls’. The movie is talking about the very same men. That mindset is what the movie is talking about. The film takes a dig at the society and its stereotypical norms and prejudices towards women. We heard the message in the great Amithab Bachchan voice. Now we hear it in our own Ajith Kumar voice. The message is straight on the face. Loud and clear.

No is not just a word. When a girl says NO it means NO, she could be your friend, your date, lover, wife or a sex worker, or anyone. No is a complete sentence. No means No.

H. Vinod’s thriller is one of the best socially relevant films in Tamil. When is the message get really touched with the audience? It is when the filmmakers show it with the incidents and characters very real and relatable to the audience, and not when a ‘super hero’ is giving high octane punch dialogues. Such ‘super hero punch dialogues’ will get applause at theatres, but it ends there. It should be hard hitting for the audience. It should stay in their mind. Very few films does like that. Vetrimaran’s Visaranai is one such films. Aruvi is very good. Kaala is very good. Nerkonda Paarvai has more sensitive topic, and it handles it well. Nerkonda Paarvai is such a film. It will hit you hard. Thanks to the script, and performance of Shraddha Srinath, and everybody involved.

Respect to Ajith Kumar, H. Vinod and Boney Kapoor for not deviating much from the content and tone to suit the fans of the star. Let the movie becomes an example. The box office result of Nerkonda Paarvai will inspire a lot of other actors. But one thing that worries us is! If other stars think that ‘let us include some message like Nerkonda Paarvai’ – boom! Then will come a chain of movies with no content, and a lengthy preachy-climax! Hope that won’t happen. Filmmakers must understand that this movie is good because the characters here are real, it is good because the message is there in the story, it is good because the emotion of the characters are real, it is good because a star is an actor here.

Taapsee was fabulous in Pink. How Shraddha Srinath is going to replace it! She does it perfectly. Shraddha is fabulous too. Abhirami is very convincing. Delhi Ganesh is very good. And… Ajith Kumar. We rate ‘Bharath Subramaniam’ as the best performance of Ajith Kumar. It is far above his usual gatherings. He gives his best performance ever. We wish to see him in such powerful characters and performances. (We are not comparing it with Amitabh Bachchan’s performance from the original).

Nerkonda Paarvai is a faithful remake with few additional scenes for Ajith Kumar fans. As the remake is made for those who have not seen the original, nobody except those who have seen the original will complain about it. Sadly we have seen both. A few extra minutes in the duration is on the negative side. Could have trimmed. Other than this, this film is a must watch for every reason.

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