Nivin Pauly’s Sakhavu directed by Sidharth Siva – Posters

Nivin Pauly’s Sakhavu is directed by Sidharth Siva who directed 101 Chodhyangal. The film is all set for Vishu release and final theater charting in full swing. Sakhavu audio launch was happened with much fans and party support at Aalleppy Beach on 5th of April.

Malayalam cinema has witnessed a spectrum of films exploring the theme of Communism, varying in their impact and ability to convey the true emotions. “Sakhavu,” directed by Sidhartha Siva and starring Nivin Pauly, emerges as a commendable addition, gracefully narrating the life of the protagonist, Sakhavu Krishnan, and his far-reaching influence, particularly on Sakhavu Krishna Kumar.

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