OK Kanmani (Review): A Remarkable Romantic Film. Beautiful. 4/5

Ok Kanmani Review

This is a tale of ‘love.’ I won’t reveal more here; simply go and watch this movie. It promises satisfaction surpassing that of recent releases, leaving you happy. ‘OK Kanmani’ distinguishes itself from typical chick flicks with its well-crafted and brilliantly visualized love story. You’ll quickly fall for Adhi and Thara, eager to follow every step of their captivating love story. It’s spellbinding, especially resonating with those who’ve experienced the complexities of love.

The film feels like reading a detailed and wonderful diary. After watching it, I pondered, what was wrong with it? After about half an hour of contemplation, I realized this was a futile effort. The scenes are beautiful and endearing. The film’s best aspect is that, while watching, I found myself immersed in the story and characters, rather than speculating what comes next. The majority of us will cherish Kanmani for the longest time, perhaps until Maniratnam releases his next romantic flick.

“Malargal Kettean Vaname Thandhanai
Thanneer Kettean Amirtham Thandhanai

Edhai Naan Ketpin Edhai Naan Ketpin
Unaiye Tharuvaai Unaiye Tharuvaai”

Everything about this film is wonderful.

OK Kanmani - Nithya Menon

OK Kanmani is wonderfully directed and assembled by Maniratnam, with all the characters’ chemistry being on point. Maniratnam displays the same freshness he had while making Mounaragam’s Karthik and Alaipayuthey’s Madhavan episodes—truly amazing. Every scene is beautiful, and every actor delivers an outstanding performance. Almost every scene in the film evokes smiles, tears, or deep emotions.

Dulquer Salman portrays a believable, handsome next-door guy, as usual, and Nithya Menon embodies a believable, gorgeous girl. All the characters are very likable, with actors delivering engrossing and compelling performances. Technically, the movie is exceptional as well. PC Sreeram showcases his best for Maniratnam. Everything about this film is wonderful.

Then there is the magician – AR Rahman. What can we say about this genius! Truly magical and spell-binding. He is in many ways a character in the film. It is he who takes you to the world of magical romance first, even before the characters, story and visuals. Without the range and level of the music Rahman has given for OK Kanmani, ‘Kanmani’ would have been ‘disabled‘. The music truly forms the soul of the film. The songs stay in your head for a very long time. Breath of fresh air. Try to beat this. It is mesmerizing. There is a soulful music track associated with every scene. Awesomeness.

The romantic scenes will make your stomach burning

It’s a cute movie that will make you happy and also perfect slap on people who marked Maniratnam as an outdated lion. You will love it for the characters and hate it for wanting you to have a love like this. It will make you smile now and then with absolute zero doubt. The combination of crazy love and AR Rahman is absolutely wonderful. This is probably one of the most beautiful, refreshing and romantic films you will ever see!

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