OTT Channels for Malayalam and Tamil Movies Business

OTT Channels For Malayalam Tamil Movies

All the major OTT channels buys Malayalam and Tamil movies. The number of OTT platforms and viewers has risen in a remarkable way in last three years. The pandemic has strengthen heavily the increase in viewership. But still majority of the new filmmakers are unaware of the system. How it works? What are the best companies to submit your movie? What all stuffs are needed? How to submit?

The OTT platform buys the streaming rights from the filmmakers to exhibit movies on their channel. Even small budget films without any big-star names can release and find an audience in OTT but the business is completely depending upon the content and the advertisement/reach.

Major OTT Channels for Malayalam and Tamil Movies

Amazon Prime
Hotstar Disney
ManoramaMax (Malayalam)

MX Player
Roots Video

What are the criteria of OTT platforms for selecting movies?

Each platforms have their own terms and conditions but the basic criteria is same. Selling power of the movie. Like: Star cast, or a high profile director or production banner or high level advertisement or a strong quality content.

The OTT channels or distributors will contact you directly if they are impressed with your movie. How do they get impressed before release? Simple. Either star cast, or a high profile director or production banner or high level advertisement or a strong quality content.

Business Models

Outright purchase
Revenue sharing basis

Some movies’ rights are bought by giving an upfront amount and some in sharing basis, ie revenue sharing model. That too have different deals like: OTT Channels might by the outright for exclusively premiering in exhibiting in their channels, or else they buy the Digital Rights alone. Some are bought after the theatre release and some before it. It all depends on the selling value and content. In the revenue sharing basis, the revenue is shared by the OTT platforms with the producers based on views.

When to submit?

With high star-cast or high profile filmmakers or with high level promotional activities you can submit for business before the theatrical release.
Otherwise, after releasing the movie in theatres. Depending upon the audience and critics response.



Thriller and suspense movies are in demand than any other genres. Again it all depends on the quality of the content. Eg. Janeman (Malayalam), Paka (Malayalam), Kadaseela Biriyani (Tamil), Boothakalam (Malayalam), Aavasavyuham (Malayalam), Anjaam Pathira (Malayalam).

What is the basic requirement?

Quality. Technical quality of the movie. Visual, sound, and performances. You compromise in anything but not on the quality. OTT business comes down to zero if the quality is bad.

Requirements for submitting a movie in OTT

First Stage
Project Business Proposal/Report
Trailer of above 2 minutes

Second Stage
Film in MP4 format
English subtitle file in SRT format
Metadata (movie details like summary, crew etc.)
Censor Certificate
A vertical Poster

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