Parava Movie Review: Parava is flying high on beauty, emotion, fun and love.

Parava Movie Review

Parava has ‘everybody’s favs’ Dulquer Salmaan, Soubin Shahir and Anwer Rasheed, the man behind Usthad Hotel, Bangalore Days & Premam. You still want to read the review to try this film?!

Coming over to the technical aspects. First of all, the acting. Just one word – Superb. From start to finish, young Shane Nigam, Arjun Ashokan and Zinil, and Dulquer Samaan appears in an extended cameo role for almost 20+ minutes. The young actors did such a convincing job that you will begin to feel the emotions they are portraying on screen. They were exemplary. Awesome.

Second, the direction is amazing, coupled with some brilliant camera work. It is as if Soubin exactly knows the peril these scenes pose to our attention spans. Soubin’s use of settings and atmosphere pulled me into the story. He crafts the film in the tradition of the classic Brazilian/Spanish films, see-sawing fast and slow cam moves, and beautiful visuals, at the same time authentic and realistic. Very few films offer the audience the ticket to temporarily inhabit another world. You remember Amir’s Paruththiveeran. Visuals are as beautiful and realistic as that. Another element of this film which made the Parava fly high is the excellently written script by Soubin and Muneer Ali. The events never seem forced or overly dramatized. Even more, the sound tracks. The sound mix places us within the scene, and allows us to hear what the characters hear. Parava is masterfully done.

Dulquer Salmaan

Dulquer Salmaan is great. It is a complete departure from his previous roles. It is a great sight to see actors/stars with Box Office Magnet in hand doing movies like this, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, and Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela. Thus giving more space to the characters and other actors than to the ‘star’ and the ‘stardom’. And I am saying this, I’m saying this once again, Dulquer Salmaan is simply fantastic. Not only does he makes you fall in love with him and his character but also works as a catalyst for the emotion of the story. I don’t know where he is going but definitely he is travelling on a magic carpet filled with great movies.

It has no gratuitous sex or violence. No heavy action scenes or CGI. Linear storytelling. It is quite simply the story of few people on Earth. Parava is a breath of fresh air. Parava deals with identifiable issues that is universal. Emotions. All kinds of them: It makes you laugh and it makes you cry, yet it is so simple. Friendship, love, loneliness, fear, grief and regret. With a roller coaster of emotions you will totally connect with the characters. This is without a doubt one of the most charming movies of recent times.

I recommend you this movie if you want to discover a story full of heart and emotion and you want to enjoy the happiness of discovering ‘love’. This is a film for all, at any stage of life.

3.5 Rating

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