Premam (Review) It is not a brilliant movie, but it is a brilliantly made movie.

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Malayalam cinema hardly accepted love-centric movies except when it’s a Mohanlal – Priyadarshan combo. It took many years for a Thattathin Marayathu to break the down-streak after the successful Aniyathipravu and Niram. Now, when Alphonse Puthran announced Premam, I was having less expectation for many reasons, but! Premam proved me wrong. Premam is a movie which has the tagline ‘Block-Buster’ written all over it.

The movie is all about the three different periods of George’s life, and his three love affairs. No, it is not Cheran’s Autograph or Raj Kapoor’s Mera Nam Joker, but yes the basic story resembles both but not the script nor the visuals. When I was watching the first half of Aishwarya Dhanush’s 3, those school + tuition class episode, I wished to see a movie filled with such beautiful moments which can take us back to our childhood, back to our early life. Alphonse Puthran’s Premam is just what I wished.

There was ten to twelve years of bad time for Malayalam movies and songs. Everything fell down – songs, story, script, performances etc… From nowhere, all of a sudden, a new wave started in-between 2010-2012. No, I am not talking about the silly so called ‘New-Gen’ movies, but I am talking about ‘Thattaththin Marayathu’, ‘Usthad Hotel’, ‘Bangalore Days’ wave. If you are not getting good or different story, then make it good and different with screenplay. That is exactly what is happening now. I guess this is the same thing that happened long back at the time of the arrival of Mohanlal and Mammootty. Now, again Malayalam cinema is presenting good songs like in 80s and 90s through few makers. When the radio trend came back to Kerala, channels were playing Tamil and Hindi songs or else the songs of 90s. It is changing through few filmmakers. People started listening Malayalam songs again. There are six to eight songs in this movie and no one song makes you to walk out. All the songs are impressive to listen and so are the visuals. Anand C Chandran’s visuals are beautiful and grab your attention. It looks simple and natural.

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The acting perhaps is one of the best aspects of this movie. Oh this man, Nivin Pauly. He is the fastest learner, among actors, I have ever seen. I can’t believe his growth (Oh sorry, he is still growing… and growing). Thanks to Vineeth Srinivasan. His find is doing wonders with every new movie. Each and every actors including Vinay Fort is very convincing in respective characters. Anupama Parmeshwaran. Anyway, other than Nivin, it is Sai Pallavi as Malar, who is going to come with you after the movie. She is beautiful and the character is too good for viewers to relate with. The chemistry between actors is astounding and the performances were very natural and convincing. There are few surprises too in each department of this movie.

What works in Premam? It is the flow of the movie, the script and the visuals. It is done in such a way that viewers will never feel boredom. Whenever you feel it is going to be over the top, Alphonse hits with something very pleasing. I have to say this, it is not a brilliant movie, but it is a brilliantly made movie. Alphonse Puthran knows the pulse of the audience. The editing was also very good. Shot after shot matched with the characters reactions and the atmosphere. Alphonse Puthran tells a wistful and entertaining tale. One question that popped-up repeatedly when watching this movie was, ‘Is Alphonse Puthran – Nivin Pauly, the present generation’s Priyadarshan – Mohanlal!’ and I think, the answer is yes.

Give it a shot, if not for the surprisingly good movie then for Nivin Pauly and Sai Pallavi, with a box of pop-corn.  Go n see this wonderful funny movie. You will enjoy it!

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