Romantic Quotes from Mungaru Male (2006). English Translation

Mungaru male Dialogue English Translation
Mungaru Male

Mungaru Male (2006) – Pre Monsoon Rain
Written and directed by Yograj Bhat
Starring: Ganesh and Pooja Gandhi
Language: Kannada, India
Music: Mano Murthy
Genre: Romance

‘Nima ninappu, Ee male, Nim Nagu, Nim Beauty, Nim Voice, Nim Koodlu, Nim Nota, Nim Gejje saddu, aa watchu, aa rascal devdaas gante saddu ella mix aagi naan life alle repair maadakkaagde iro astu gaaya maadide kanri..’
[ Your memories, this rain, your smile, your hair, the music of your anklets, your beauty, your voice, that watch, the sound of  that rascal devdas’s bell everything mixed up and made an un-repairable hole in this poor heart]
“Artha Aagilla.., Aagodhu beda bidi.. Aa watch alli nanna koti nenapugalive…”
[No need to understand, I have crores of memories in this watch]
“Ee kannu close aagi mannu seridhmelu, naan ee upakaarana maryalla ree….’
[ Till these eyes closes and joins soil I will not forget your favor.]
‘Neev sigalla antha nangenu bejaar illa ree…. nim jothe kaledhnalla ee nalak divasa, ashtu saaku kanri…. adhanne rewind maadkondu hego jeevana thalli bidthini…’
[ I am not broken that I will not get you. The four days I spent with you is enough for me. I can spend whole life rewinding these memories.]
‘Time is a 420. Time is there to deceive. Listen, i thought you would surely be mine and we will have a dozen children of our own, I thought such a moment will come but that time did not come. I thought you would hug me tightly and shed one liter tears and weep that you will only marry to me and no one else… and that only I am perfect for you, I thought the time to shed those tears will come. But that time too didn’t come. I know that I would not get you in my life. Because my time is not perfect’

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