Rajshri Deshpande gets death threats for Sexy Durga

The Malayalam film “Sexy Durga” has ignited a storm on social media, leading to death threats against lead actress Rajshri Deshpande. Known for her role in the 2015 film “Angry Indian Goddesses,” Deshpande filed a complaint with the Versova police station. Director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, who recently won the Hivos Tiger Award at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2017 for the same film, also reported receiving death threats.

Misunderstandings and Clarifications: A Tale of Threats

Amid the controversy, Deshpande clarified that “Sexy Durga” is not “remotely connected to anything religious.” Instead, the film sheds light on the challenges women face in India, aiming to raise awareness about pertinent social issues. However, threats emerged after the director hinted that the title itself had become a source of contention.

Plot and Message: “Sexy Durga” Unveils Harrowing Reality

Despite facing backlash, “Sexy Durga” delves into a critical narrative. It unfolds as a road movie, recounting the harrowing experiences of two hitchhikers, a man and a woman, confronted by two men in the dead of night. The film explores the pervasive threat of violence faced by a young couple and mirrors the collective attitude of men toward women.

Appealing for Support: A Plea for a Wider Release

Expressing hope for influential support within the industry, Deshpande emphasized the challenges of releasing a film like “Sexy Durga.” She stressed the importance of a theatrical release in India to reach a broader audience, transcending regional boundaries.

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