Rajshri Deshpande gets death threats for Sexy Durga

Sexy Durga , a Malayalam film, has sparked furore among social media users, with many sending death threats to the film’s lead actress Rajshri Deshpande. Deshpande, best known for playing the fearless maid in 2015 film Angry Indian Goddesses , has filed a a complaint with the Versova police station. Malayalam filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, who recently won the Hivos Tiger Award at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2017 for the same film, has revealed that he has received death threats. The actress on her part, however, clarified that the film isn’t even “remotely connected to anything religious”. “It highlights the issues women face in our country,” said Deshpande.

The film, however, faced controversy when the director wrote in a Facebook post that he was being threatened because of the title. Sexy Durga is a road movie that follows the horrifying experience of two hitchhikers, a man and a woman, at the hands of two men, in the dead of the night. It explores the threat of violence faced by a young couple and reflects the collective attitude of the men towards woman.“I really hope influential people from the industry come forward and support the film. Unfortunately, without them releasing a film like this is very difficult. Though this is by a director based in Kerala it doesn’t mean it should release only there,” added Deshpande as she hopes the movie gets a theatrical release in India so that it reaches a wider audience.

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