Review – Get Out (2017): (80%)

Get Out Movie Review

Jordan Peele, known for ‘Key & Peele,’ impresses with his debut directorial, and there are multiple reasons to make it a must-watch. The film cleverly delves into dark themes of racism and slavery, offering an eerie social commentary. The ensemble delivers eerily odd performances, and Peele’s inclusion of satirical humor adds a smart layer to the narrative. Additionally, the Afro-American-inspired music contributes to the film’s overall applause-worthy elements.

Homage and Mystery

The movie pays homage to films like ‘The Stepford Wives’ and ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’ From the onset, there’s an unquestionable sense of mystery, and the screenplay masterfully raises ominous questions. Unlike many horror films, ‘Get Out’ avoids irrational decision-making by the main character. The writing is spot-on, and Peele’s direction is top-notch. Daniel Kaluuya’s understated performance suits his character, Chris, perfectly.

Familiar Yet Unique

While ‘Get Out’ doesn’t boast a completely original storyline, it draws comparisons to Karyn Kusama’s ‘The Invitation’ regarding the setting. However, Peele excels as a writer, particularly in scenes featuring Chris’s encounters with the dark-skinned servants and an increasingly unsettling guest. The film, packed at a concise 104 minutes, offers a unique blend of satire seamlessly woven into a paranoid narrative.

Divisively Brilliant

‘Get Out’ is a film that may evoke divisive feedback. Some might find it blunt, but it wisely avoids typical horror tropes like jumpscares or unnecessary flashback sequences. Peele encourages viewers to assimilate the characters, their decisions, and their consequences. Overall, ‘Get Out’ stands out as a remarkable debut, sparking late-night discussions and warranting repeat viewings.

Spoiler alert – The climactic showdown is delightfully messy with some spectacularly thought-out kills. Had to mention this, as the movie scores additional points on this front.

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