Review: It (2017)

In the opening scene of “It” (2017), director Andy Muschietti, known for “Mama,” along with writers Cary Fukunaga and Chase Palmer, sets the tone with a spectacular and chilling encounter. Little Georgie, playing with a boat made by his brother Bill, faces an eerie clown in a sewer. This establishes the ominous theme that will unfold throughout the movie.

The Losers Club: Battling Bullies and Nightmares

The story revolves around a group of kids in the town of Derry, known as the ‘Losers Club.’ Comprising Bill, Richie, Eddie, and Stan, they endure relentless bullying and share haunting nightmares featuring a shape-shifting clown named Pennywise. As they join forces to confront their fears, unexpected additions include Beverly and Mike, adding depth to their collective struggle.

Muschietti’s Unique Horror Approach

Director Muschietti deviates from the typical horror movie structure, opting for a relentless atmosphere of tension without intermittent calm. Harrowing scares are cleverly intertwined with humor and F-bombs, ensuring a continuous sense of unease. The question of whether to support these kids becomes nuanced—some are more believable and developed than others.

Individual Encounters with Horror

Each child’s confrontation with Pennywise takes various forms, skillfully shot and performed, complemented by chilling CGI imagery. Fukunaga’s insightful writing enhances Muschietti’s talent for creating formidable scares. The romantic angles, such as Bill-Beverly and Ben-Beverly, are appropriately silly and childish.

Room for Improvement: Characterization and Parents

While the film’s runtime is 135 minutes, the pacing keeps viewers engaged with rapid developments. However, the characterization of parents could have been more nuanced, often portraying extreme reactions. Despite this, the film effectively captures the spirit of Stephen King’s novel and the essence of the mini-series.

Skaarsgard’s Terrifying Pennywise and Sequel Setup

Bill Skaarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise is near-perfect, supported by masterful CGI. The climax piques viewer interest in a potential sequel. For fans of the novel and mini-series, “It” (2017) offers a thrilling and faithful adaptation, with plenty of scares and a well-engineered conclusion.

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