Review: Tharangam (2017)

Malayalam Movie Tharangam Review

Dominic Arun’s “Tharangam” begins with a nod to 80s cult-classic “Pappan Priyapetta Pappan,” showcasing a conversation between God and Kallan Pavithran. Blending comic-book-style animation with live-action sequences, the film promises a departure from typical Malayalam comedy-thrillers.

Suspension Leads to Hilarious Adventures

The narrative follows suspended cops Pappan (Tovino Thomas) and Joy (Balu Varghese) as they navigate a series of uproarious subplots. With a debt to settle, unexpected challenges arise, introducing a colorful array of characters and absurd situations, each contributing to the film’s unique humor.

Tarantino and Ritchie Vibes: Dark Humor Unleashed

Acknowledging inspiration from Tarantino, Ritchie, and Wright, the film adopts a darkly humorous tone akin to “Snatch,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “Hot Fuzz.” Dominic Arun skillfully amalgamates Western influences with Indian flavors, creating a universe where characters, each with their quirks, engage in unapologetic selfishness and humor.

Ensemble Cast and Smooth First Half

The ensemble cast delivers commendable performances, with the first half excelling in generating laughter and unveiling twists. The film successfully captures the harshly hysterical essence of its universe, where everyone possesses shades of grey and indulges in mutual mockery.

Challenges in the Second Half: Navigating Twists

While the second half attempts to match the humor and twists, it falls short of the anticipated peak, leading to a finale reminiscent of comedy capers from the late 80s and early 90s. The editing could have been smoother to streamline the multitude of characters and subplots.

Near-Perfect Casting and Minimal Romantic Clichés

Kudos to the casting choices, with both seasoned actors and newcomers contributing to the film’s charm. The movie stands out by minimizing romantic clichés and song sequences, maintaining a brisk pace throughout. The film’s sole song, a soothing melody by Ashwin Renju, complements the narrative, beautifully captured by cinematographer Deepak D Menon. With a crew mostly composed of debutantes, “Tharangam” showcases promising talent.

Climax and Future Prospects

While the climax introduces another rising star, weak characterization hampers the impact. The film’s humor, though entertaining, might struggle to attain cult-classic status due to its chaotic narrative. “Tharangam” successfully experiments with humor and chaos, promising entertainment. However, only time will reveal if it can achieve the revered cult-classic status akin to its inspirational sources.

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