Rudra in Kodi is Trisha Krishnan’s Best Movie Performance

We haven’t seen Trisha in many meaty roles over the past two decades. Still we can spell few like M S Raju’s Varsham, Prabhu Deva’s Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Sevaraghavan’s Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule, Gautham Menon’s Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, Radha Mohan’s Abhiyum Naanum, and I. Ahmed’s Endrendrum Punnagai. Trisha did well in these movies but instead of saying ‘she was different in these movies’, we have to say that ‘Trisha’ was used very well as the ‘character’ in these movies (best example is Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya) and… she remained the same.

She seems to flirt with the masala characters always. But this year, within the formula of masala movies, her performance as Rudra in Kodi, a ruthless – ambitious politician, was one of the year’s hallmarks. Rudra is a character who doesn’t follow the conventional stages of Tamil heroine. She didn’t have enough characterization to be sympathetic like Trisha’s all previous characters. Here, she is just a raving mad woman. Rudra is a very unassertive heroine and in the end we don’t really care what happens to her. The character will remain one of Tamil cinema’s most iconic mad women. Never once did I think I was seeing Trisha acting, she became Rudra. Behind her cute, beautiful face, Rudra looked as if ‘she is having something else in the mind’ right from the beginning. There is a mystery always.

Trisha’s revival

Trisha’s work is powerful, subtle, moving and layered. Her movements, her speech, her dreams are filled with a desperate, ready to go to any extent to fulfill her dreams. She carries the film to heights with Dhanush (as Kodi). A lesser known actress might turn in a wonderful performance, but Trisha was Rudra. Trisha gives a totally convincing performance which is great, genuine and entirely astonishing. I was so enthralled at Trisha’s makeover and performance that it took center stage over the story. The movie is so strong on characterization (Rudra and Kodi) for a ‘commercial movie’. It was a brave idea. This is some brilliant writing and acting. Neelambari might be more stylish and stronger than Rudra, but definitely Rudra looks more believable than Neelambari.

Hope to see her in different characters like this, hereafter.

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