‘Sakhavu’ Review – This One Is A True Communist Film!

Sakhavu Movie Review

Malayalam cinema have had many movies released in the past that revolved around Communism, some made a huge impact, some failed to convey the actual emotion. ‘Sakhavu’ also tells the story of a communist, Sakhavu Krishnan, and how his life creates an impact in various other lives and mainly in Sakhavu Krishna Kumar’s life. The Nivin Pauly starer flick directed by Sidhartha Siva hits the bull’s-eye! The film manages to translate the meaning and the depth of the word ‘Sakhavu’ (comrade) elegantly on screen.

The film has a huge star cast. Nivin Pauly is well known for his charm and playfulness on screen, the character of Krishna Kumar is neatly handled. The actor creates magic on screen as Sakhavu Krishnan, especially post the interval. He has proved that he can brilliantly handle highly matured roles, this time better than 1983. Aishwarya Rajesh did a good job, this film shows that she is open to play various characters. Aparna Gopinath’s persona was very apt for the character and she fiercely scores in one scene. The actors in support of Nivin Pauly were all good. Gayathri Suresh was almost unnecessary but she doesn’t have much screen space so it can be forgiven.

In the technical side, both the cinematographer George.C.Williams and the music director Prashant Pillai are stars of the film. The cinematography was great, the change in color tones and the frames set in the high ranges and fight sequences deserves appreciation. The power of the background score is such that it stays in your mind for a long time after the movie, you would probably be humming the theme music for a whole day. The songs were impressive but beyond that the sounds are so indulged with the film’s subject and the background score elevated the impact of the screenplay.

The negatives in the technical side were that the last fight was a bit supernatural,also in another fight sequence that occurs at night and involves fire, the use of fire looked very good, but none got burnt or even the cloths escaped from catching fire, which seemed illogical. The pace slows down here and there but on a whole the film is neatly presented.

Overall ‘Sakhavu’ is a good one. It can impress the general audience (the ones who are not interested in communism) as well. But surely the movie is made for the communists, especially the ones who take it as a fashion. It is a reminder that the party is for the working class by the working, so if this film can inspire the young generation to learn what is it to be a comrade, then that would be Sidhartha Siva’s victory.

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