‘Sakhavu’ Review – This One Is A True Communist Film!

Sakhavu Movie Review

Malayalam cinema has seen numerous films centered around Communism, ranging from impactful successes to those failing to capture the true essence. “Sakhavu,” directed by Sidhartha Siva and starring Nivin Pauly, hits the mark by elegantly portraying the life of the protagonist, Sakhavu Krishnan, and his profound impact on various lives, especially that of Sakhavu Krishna Kumar.

Featuring an extensive star cast, Nivin Pauly impresses with his charisma and versatility, particularly excelling in mature roles. Aishwarya Rajesh delivers a commendable performance, showcasing her willingness to portray diverse characters. Aparna Gopinath’s apt persona adds depth to her character, leaving a lasting impression.

Sakhavu: A Cinematic Ode to Communism

On the technical front, cinematographer George.C.Williams and music director Prashant Pillai shine. The cinematography captures the essence of the narrative with skillful use of color tones and frames, especially in high-altitude sequences and fight scenes. The impactful background score lingers in the audience’s mind, enhancing the overall impact of the screenplay.

While the film boasts technical brilliance. Some shortcomings include a slightly supernatural last fight and instances where logic is stretched in fight sequences involving fire. The pacing experiences occasional slowdowns, but the film is overall well-presented.

“Sakhavu” is not only appealing to general audiences, including those less interested in communism. I is also a tribute to communists, particularly those who embrace it as a fashion. It serves as a reminder that the party is for the working class, by the working class. If the film inspires the younger generation to understand the essence of being a comrade, it would be a victory for Sidhartha Siva.

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