Sillu Karupatti is a charming little film about love

Sunaina in Sillu Karupatti

How beautiful a soul could be? Perfect? I don’t know but yeah, some souls certainly become perfect, or love defines it perfect. Sillu Karupatti is the purest form of love you could ever portray on screen. Beautifully written and directed by Halitha Shameem, Sillu Karupatti is an anthology romantic film starring Samuthirakani, Sunaina, Nivedhithaa Sathish, Leela Samson, and Sara Arjun in lead roles. It is one of the best feel good movies of recent times.

The cast is superb. I can’t single out one of them because they are all just terrific. From the Kaaka to Ammu the Alaska, they all have done their best. The acting is spot on, and all the characters seem real. Everybody associated with can always be proud of this film.

Its message is so simple, but yet so true and so necessary these days – more often we should dig into our souls, and keep on asking what do we really want. What is love to us? Is the family or the person that matters?

Agam Thaana Ariyattume… Arimugham Ini Etharkku”.

Sillu Karupatti is a remarkable film, one that is hard to forget, a life changing one.

“Have some inji coffee with added dignity”

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