Solo Movie Review: It’s a dark tone poem by Bejoy Nambiar. 3.5/5

Solo Malayalam movei Review

The storyline is made up of a bunch of short stories. A common factor, apart from their names, between the stories is ‘birth’ – ‘jananam’.

Dulquer tells Anson Paul that he found out about Ayesha’s pregnancy during her final moments, and the scene shifts to Ayesha’s smiling face, creating an impactful moment. This moment stands as my favorite in the film, resonating deeply with me. “Solo” features numerous memorable scenes, including Arthi Venkatesh’s direct gaze while lying on the road and Dulquer’s poignant plea to Dhansika to come back, accompanied by an otherworldly music track. Intense dramatic sequences mark the movie, unfolding throughout.

Memorable Moments and Impactful Scenes

Bejoy Nambiar’s direction enriches both the film and its characters. Noteworthy performances include Trilok (Dulquer), Siva (Dulquer), Rukku (Sruthi Hariharan), Ann Augustine’s character, and Sati (Sai Tamhankar). However, on the downside, the romantic dialogues in Malayalam feel somewhat loosely translated from Tamil, particularly in the romantic portions involving ‘Siva’ and ‘Shekhar’. The dubbing for Sruthi Hariharan could have been improved to match the emotion conveyed through her eyes.

The conflicts faced by Bejoy Nambiar’s characters feel real, and he breathes life into a diverse set of likable characters. The cast, comprising numerous characters and actors, is perfectly suited for their roles. In summary, the acting is sublime and masterful, with the film boasting a stellar cast.

Character Dynamics and Performances

Dulquer Salmaan shines in “Solo,” complementing the exceptional music composers. His dynamic performance lights up the screen, especially as he seamlessly transitions between four contrasting roles within the same movie. Dulquer adds his elegance and charm to each character, elevating them beyond their written roles. Sruthi Hariharan and Neha Sharma deliver impressive performances, with Sruthi’s poetic eyes leaving a lasting impression. Suhasini’s brief appearance is notable, contributing to the film’s fine performances.

The soundtrack, featuring haunting songs like Thaikkudam Bridge’s “Aigiri Nandini” and Sooraj S. Kurup’s “Sita Kalyanam,” along with Prashant Pillai’s “Roshomon,” enhances the movie’s uniqueness and enjoyment. The carefully selected music makes the soundtrack stand out as one of the best of all time.

Musical Brilliance and Soundtrack Impact

While there isn’t enough space to highlight all my favorite moments, Bejoy Nambiar’s “Solo” is both entertaining and original. I won’t divulge more about the movie; you have to experience it with your own eyes. In essence, “Solo” is an incredible film in its own right.

3.5 Rating

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