Sunaina, an underused misused actress who deserves more attention

Film industry is overflowing with beautiful women, but what about talent? There are quite a few underrated actresses who are not getting the roles enough to prove. Sunaina. She is a gifted actress with simple natural performing style (leave three or four of her movies, those movies were so rubbish on the whole). She is a natural beauty too and embodies the girl next door.

Indian film industry does make a lot of movies, many to make the audience fun of, few with top stars, few horror movies with female to scream and occasionally good movies. Women are mostly used in movies for glamour and for the most important reason – songs. We can easily make a list of ‘most misused actresses’ from Bollywood, Telugu and Tamil industry. There are many talented actresses who went unnoticed or who didn’t get enough ‘good’ movies. Is it because of their movie selection or payment? Don’t know but it is really sad to see the gifted actresses not getting the attention they deserve. Suniana is one of the actresses who come to mind first.

Sunaina debuted with ‘Kumar Vs Kumari’ (Telugu). She did 6 films before getting her big break. Sunaina is first known for her portrayal of the adorable Meera in Super Hit ‘Kadhalil Vizhunthen’, her Tamil debut. Since then she acted in 12 Tamil movie, including one guest appearance with Vijay in ‘Theri’. Sunaina proved her metal in Seenu Ramasamy’s ‘Neerparavai’ as younger Esther. If you still have doubt, you must watch her performance as ‘Malarkodi’ in ‘Vamsam’. She was fabulous in those roles. She has a controlled acting style which doesn’t go overboard. The first sign of a good actress. We just don’t understand why this cute and talented actress did not get meaty roles after such great performances. Very underrated and underused.

We really feel seeing Sunaina in some badly written characters. Hopefully, this will change with her upcoming movies. We think she deserves a lot more attention.

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