Thalavan Review

Thalavan Review

‘Thalavan’ marks the fifth collaboration between Jis Joy and Asif Ali, this time diving into the realm of a murder mystery. The script is penned by Anand Thevarkkat and Sarath Perumbavoor.

The story begins with a narration by police officer Udhayabanu and transitions to Cheppanamthotta, focusing on an ego clash between two police officers, Jayashankar (Biju Menon) and Karthik Vasudevan (Asif Ali). Karthik’s attitude create tension with Jayashankar, who tolerates no insubordination. When a dead body is discovered under mysterious circumstances, these past events and internal departmental dynamics come into play.

The most impressive aspect of the script is the effective use of supporting characters. The cast includes various police officers, each with their own personal agendas or sincerity towards the lead characters, and these roles are well-written. For example, the characters Benny and Venu are well-placed, with Benny playing an integral role despite limited screen time.

A murder investigation movie resonates with audiences through suspenseful storytelling and intricate plotting, keeping viewers engaged as they piece together clues with the characters. The tension, unexpected twists, and psychological depth of the investigation captivate audiences, making them emotionally invested in the mystery’s resolution. However, in ‘Thalavan’ we primarily follow lead investigator Karthik, which somewhat lacks emotional depth towards Jayashankar. Characters are introduced one after another throughout the investigation, which can both engage and disinterest the audience over time.

The story is shaped through the narration by Dileesh Pothan’s character. The narration effectively builds surprise elements. The second half is filled with surprises and twists, although the antagonist’s exposure lacked excitement. There are some logically questionable points towards the end, making the movie tonally inconsistent. But the buildup and suspense towards the climax were well done. Suspicion constantly shifts from person to person throughout the script.

Strong Performances and Technical Excellence

The music score is compelling, and the camera work and editing are top-notch, except for the fight scenes. The fight scenes are poorly executed.

Asif Ali as Karthik is introduced as a flawed character expected to face consequences for his attitude, but this aspect is not fully developed in the script. Nevertheless, this does not detract from the thriller aspect. The acting is authentic. Asif Ali shines as Karthik. I am a fan of his police characters, like those in ‘Kooman’ and ‘Kuttavum Sikshayum’ and now this one too. Biju Menon delivers a professional performance; his dialogue and actions are entirely believable. Bilas Nair takes on a substantial role and excels. The cast also includes Miya George, Dileesh Pothan, Anusree, and Kottayam Nazeer, all of whom perform well.

Despite a few negligible misses, ‘Thalavan’ is an impressive thriller, engaging from start to finish with a well-maintained mystery.

3.5 Rating

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