Thappad (Review)

Taapsee in Thappad

“Thappad – Bas itni si baat?” (2020) 
(Meaning – Just for one slap?)

I am writing this review because I felt so much of connection with the incidents that happened in my life and in the movie. All I want to convey here is, watch the film., just once. I believe that at least one incident from the movie would remind you something(irrespective of your gender).

Vikram’s success and the subsequent revelation that sparks a conflict in their relationship.

To begin with, Taapsee Pannu plays the lead role as Amrita or Amu and Pavail Gulati plays Taapsee’s husband Vikram. The viewers are initially introduced to few couples who seem to discuss with each other about their married life over an Ice-Cream Candy. Let’s take it as a stereotype sequence where Anubhav Sinha, the Captain of the Ship(Director) tells audience about how couples have different perspective when it comes to relationship and marriage. Later on, we are introduced to Amrita (Taapsee) who plays the role of a loving wife and a wonderful homemaker who gave up her dancing dreams as she was married to Vikram (Pavail), a well-settled groom from an affluent family and desires to own a company after shifting to London.

Amrita’s every day duty as a homemaker is to wake up early morning, get paper from the door, prepare some Chai for herself as well as for her husband and mother-in-law (Tanvi Azmi), get Tanvi checked with her Sugar Levels and do the regular Bahu (daughter-in-law) works. We get a glimpse of Taapsee’s husband role right in the beginning when he reaches out Amu for each and everything and Amu happily serves her husband with no hard feelings because she loves him unconditionally.

Struggling with Self-Respect: Amu’s Decision for Divorce by Mutual Consent

Everything seems to be the same with all the regulars until one fine day when Amu’s self-respect gets tested. Vikram’s dream finally comes true where his company offers him a good deal at London and also to be the CEO. Like all Bollywood movies, immediately they celebrate the new position in Vikram’s life at their home with family, friends and colleagues. After few happy moments, Vikram gets to know that he cannot own the company at London but will be a CEO working under a British person. This angers him and he gets into an argument with his officemate, who is also his head at work. Amu tries to console Vikram and tries to gently take him away from the place but Vikram gets aroused about Amu trying to stop his argument and slaps her right in front of everybody. That’s when the story actually begins.

After the incident, Amu tries her best to forget what happened and be back to normal but couldn’t as her self-respect gets shaken. That’s when she decides to end her marriage with a Divorce by Mutual Consent but Vikram tries to communicate and solve. ‘Turn of events’ comes as an expectation when Amu gets pregnant and Vikram believes that she would come back for the baby. But she stands firm on her decision about getting a divorce as she no longer loves him. Will the couple get divorced or be back together for the baby., is what the film is about.

Parenthood and the Complexities of Reconciliation

In our country, women are always seen as a suppressed gender, because our ancestors left behind few morals saying that this is what Indian Culture is all about. Even after so many years, a mother still fears about her girl child and forgets to teach her son how to behave to a girl(not all mothers though, but my mom is one such too). Nothing wrong though because that’s what their mothers taught them. We cannot blame them but what needs to be done is, teaching your son or your daughter to never raise your hand against a human., especially never raise your hand against your wife or husband. Teach your children to be equal in terms of everything. Teach them how to behave.

The movie speaks so much about Domestic Violence and how women neglect to speak a word about getting beaten by their husbands or boyfriends or partners because mothers tell their daughters to adjust so that their family reputation or their parenting would not be questioned. It is very very important to speak about this because it is very toxic and sometimes it questions a person’s worth too.

A good women centric movie, with absolutely pleasing visuals though not much of technical skills were implemented. Story is the hero here and I would say just watch the movie once without any expectation. I am sure it definitely would connect to your life, at least will help you learn what Domestic Violence is.

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