The Changing Face Of Telugu Cinema!

The recent box office success of Allu Arjun’s “Duvvada Jagannadham” surpassing Salman Khan’s “Tubelight” has ignited excitement among Bollywood fans. While Salman’s film faced challenges, our focus is on the rising prominence of Telugu Film Industry (Tollywood) and the evolving nature of its films.

Grandeur Beyond Eras

Known for grandeur since the 1950s and 60s, Telugu cinema, from its roots to the epic “Baahubali,” consistently redefines cinematic opulence. In the contemporary era, Telugu films dominate the box office, boasting a star-studded industry. Dubbed versions find audiences beyond language barriers.

Global Recognition, Thanks to Rajamouli

S.S. Rajamouli’s contribution has elevated Telugu cinema to international acclaim. Despite criticisms for exaggerated stunts and heroism, audiences largely embrace these elements. Rajamouli’s impact has transcended borders, putting Telugu films on the global map.

Shifting Stereotypes and Breakthroughs

While some criticize Telugu films for implausible stunts, a paradigm shift is evident. Stereotypes are breaking, and the industry is producing path-breaking movies that challenge norms. Let’s explore some of these recent gems that redefine Telugu cinema.

[The films described below are in no particular order.]

1: Nenokkadine

Though the title itself has 1 in it, lets go with 1:Nenokkadine first. The film released in 2014, it is a psychological thriller directed by Sukumar. The Mahesh Babu flick didn’t have the usual hero gimmicks, the film takes us through the protagonist’s disturbed mental state and it is one of the best thrillers in South Indian cinema. Mahesh Babu’s stardom was definitely in favor of the film and therefore, the movie with a high experimental value was successful.

Naannaku Prematho

Another superstar film without the usual elements. Naannaku Prematho is basically a revenge, but a revenge with some brain! You won’t find the hero hitting 100’s of goons at one time. This one is also from director Sukumar. Naannaku Prematho is in this list mainly because of Jr.NTR, when stars choose to try something different, the industry will automatically change. Naannaku Prematho was different and good.


Manam is definitely one of the sweetest films you will ever watch. The story travels through various time spans, the plot has many layers to it but none of these will disturb the viewers. The entirely unique concept, the sweet romances and a lot of good situational humor makes Manam a cult classic. Doesn’t matter which region you belong to, Manam is recommended to all movie lovers. And of course the film directed by Vikram Kumar had opened a lot of new possibilities in Telugu cinema. (Also it was heartwarming to see the whole Akkineni family on screen.)


Kanche directed by Krish is a period drama set in the World War II period. Kanche won a National award in the Best Telugu Film category and that wasn’t a big surprise because the film was one of it’s kind. It has the war as the backdrop but the romance, friendship and other strong human emotions were on the foreground. It was a bold attempt and it received a lot of appreciations for being unique.


Kshanam directed by Ravikanth Perepu was a thriller, in fact a well made thriller. The film gives it’s viewers a lot of “nail-biting” moments and keeps them on the edge of their seats. It is a search for a girl who has been kidnapped but it is more interesting than we can imagine. Kshanam was obviously a brilliant attempt in Tollywood and we hope to see such films in the future as well.

The Ghazi Attack

The Ghazi Attack directed by Sankalp Reddy was simultaneously shot in Hindi and Telugu. The film is based on real events and it was an entirely fresh viewing experience as we see the submarines, how they function and how they fight. The making was fantastic, the writing and the detailing that has gone into the script were fabulous. The Ghazi Attack will make you feel proud as an Indian and definitely is one of the best war films made in India.

Pelli Choopulu

Pelli Choopulu directed by Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam is romantic comedy with a realistic making. The film had very less cinematic elements, it was a very naturalistic movie. We have seen ideas like food trucks in Hollywood films and when it came to Pelli Choopulu, it managed to stay fresh. The film won two national awards under Best Telugu Film and Best Screenplay categories. It is a feel-good film with brilliant performances from the leading pair.

Baahubali, The Beginning and The Conclusion

Baahubali has become a part of every movie-goer’s heart, mind and soul, also there is nothing new to say about this magnum opus. But how can we miss this film (actually these films) in this list. From how hot Prabhas and Rana are to why did Kattappa kill Baahubali, the nation has discussed everything about the film. There is nothing more to write about this piece of pride, just thank you once again S.S Rajamouli for making this epic.

Telugu cinema is travelling to a new level. The films are getting better and better and the audience are always ready to receive more movie magics. From superstars to newcomers, everyone trying to make a good film, a different film. Slowly but steadily Tollywood is conquering new heights and with the undying passion for cinema, they can soon become as prominent as the Hindi film industry. Also the Telugu films never fail to entertain it’s viewers!

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