The Unsung Heroes: A documentary Film

THE UNSUNG HEROES: A Malayalam documentary film that’s winning appreciation and accolades in the most reputed film festival’s.

Unveiling the Heroes: The Unsung Ambulance Drivers

Have you ever pondered the real heroes behind timely medical interventions? Often overshadowed, ambulance drivers play a critical role, risking their lives to save others. This documentary sheds light on their tireless efforts, seeking the recognition they rightfully deserve and revealing the sacrifices made to save lives.

Accolades and Recognition

As a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles and Stiff American Film Festival, this documentary has earned widespread acclaim. Garnering awards such as the Satyajit Ray Best Documentary Film and Special Jury Award at the Prathidwani Qisa Film Festival, it stands as a testament to its impactful storytelling. Director Baburaj Asariya’s contributions were also celebrated, winning three awards at the Goa Asian Short Film Festival.

A Global Impact

Selected for prestigious screenings at the International Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain, and Belgium, this documentary continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Its journey is far from over, as it gains traction at renowned film festivals, promising more accolades and recognition.

Behind the Lens: The Creative Team

At the heart of “The Unsung Heroes” is Baburaj Asariya, the visionary behind the story, production, and direction. Cinematography by Krishna G, music by Sreenath S Vijay, sound design by Vijaya Sooryan VB, and subtitles by Atmabodh showcase a collaborative effort that brings this impactful narrative to life. Executive producers Suhas Antharamu and Prasanth Nair contribute to the film’s success. They helped in making it a collective endeavor under the banner of Collective Frames.

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