Top 10 Tamil Movies in Kerala Box Office

Kerala box office top ten Tamil movie grossers. Movies of Rajinikanth, Vijay, Suriya, and Vikram holds the top ten spots. Vikram’s Kerala business is highly unpredictable as his I (a Shankar movie) grossed higher than all Rajinikanth – Vijay movies and his previous movie Irumugan grossed 8.75 Cr, which is still higher than any Ajith Kumar movies, while his other movies in between couldn’t register even a good opening except Anniyan (another Shankar movie).

Actor Movie BO Gross in Cr
1 Vikram I* 19.3
2 Vijay Theri 16.5
3 Rajinikanth Kabali 16.1
4 Rajinikanth Endhiran* 13
5 Vijay Thuppaakki 10.7
6 Vijay Kaththi 10.4
7 Suriya 24 10.4
8 Vijay Bhairavaa 10.3
9 Rajinikanth Sivaji* 9.3
10 Suriya Singam 3 9.2

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