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The storyline revolves around Krishna Kumar (Mammootty) and Sruthy, the daughter of Vijayan, a friend of Krishna Kumar. Sruthy, a college student stranded in Ooty due to a strike, encounters Krishna Kumar on the road, and he offers her a ride back home. Despite being perceived as a ladies’ man by friends, including Sruthy’s father, Vijayan (Joy Mathew), becomes anxious about Sruthy’s safety. The core of the movie unfolds during Sruthy’s journey from Ooty to Calicut with Krishna Kumar. However, the audience already anticipates the inevitable conclusion.

Unanswered Questions and Convenient Plot Devices

While Muthumani and Joy Mathew deliver commendable performances, Karthika Muraleedharan’s portrayal is satisfactory, and Mammootty’s performance is noteworthy. However, a significant drawback arises concerning the casting choice for Mammootty’s character, Krishna Kumar. Mammootty, a stellar performer, inadvertently instills trustworthiness into the character, diminishing the tension intended for the film.

The pivotal concern lies in Mammootty’s miscasting; had he played the role of the father, and an actor with a villainous image, like Prakash Raj, portrayed Krishna Kumar, the dynamics might have worked better. Similar issues were observed in Kamal Haasan’s role in the Tamil remake of ‘A Wednesday’ and Biju Menon in ‘Leela.’ The lack of negativity surrounding Krishna Kumar and the absence of genuine concerns for Sruthy’s safety are evident throughout the script, except for the scene involving ‘moral police.’

Lack of Relatable Characters

“Uncle” falls short of emotionally engaging the viewer as needed for its success. Despite having the potential for a powerful storyline that touches on socially relevant topics, the film lacks emotional resonance. Unlike “Shutter,” there are no scenes in the film, except for the moral policing scene, that evoke emotion. The narrative is marred by bland execution, clichéd scenes, stereotypical dialogue and behaviors, predictability, and a lackluster ending filled with plot holes and convenient manipulations.

Strong Foundation but Weak Execution

The film’s below-average status is attributed to its weak narrative, despite having a strong foundation for a compelling story. The characters fail to become relatable or close to the audience, leaving much to be desired. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t fulfill its potential, and viewers are left wishing for a more impactful and engaging experience.

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