Uttama Villain (Movie Review): Heart-Wrenching Tale Of A Super Star. 3.5/5

Uttama Villain Review

Whenever a Kamal Hassan movie releases there is always speculation as to what the film could be about. Kamal Hassan is known as an actor who selects some of the most unique and refreshing scripts in Tamil Cinema. Uttama Villain is a film that will not only be appreciated by audiences for its unique screenplay and story but also for its technical mastery. The visuals in the film are absolutely stunning and every scene looks like a beautiful work of art. The main plot revolves around the life of a popular Superstar and his family.

The film explores stories from two different time periods out of which one of them is the present generation. Director Ramesh Aravind has managed to give equal importance to both time periods and has created the screenplay in such a way that there is a good flow between two time periods. While the 17th Century time period involves a lot more comic elements, an equal contrast is shown in the present generation, which involve more emotional scenes.

Uttama Villain can definitely be considered as one of Kamal Hassan’s most heart wrenching performances as he has devoted his complete soul to the character Mano Ranjan. While watching the film audiences will laugh, cry, and completely admire the lead character Mano Ranjan. Although there have been other films revolving around cinema, Uttama Villain breaks the stereotypes and provides us a different perspective to this theme. Uttama Villain makes us realize that actors are also human beings with families and have a lot of emotional battles in their life. The 17th Century portion shows us an extremely versatile side to Kamal Hassan the actor.

Kamal Haasan

One of the major highlights from the 17th century is the Kathakali Hiranyakashpu stage drama. Even though the Kathakali Stage Drama is short, Kamal has displayed his phenomenal acting skills as a dancer and actor. His expressions are breath taking and bring complete life to the character Hirankyashpu. Kamal also shows his mastery for the Tamil language by playing with different dialects and using different voice modulations. The Uttaman character from the period portion is quite reminiscent of the character Thenali Soman (Thenali) as he has a fear of everything and this shown through different comic situations.

When watching the film closely, one can clearly see that the story is partially inspired from the actor’s personal life and has been molded in such a way that it not only provides good entertainment but also makes us realize the value of life and relationships. When it comes to performances Kamal Hassan has hogged the limelight but another name that stands out in this film is none other than the Great K Balachandar. K Balachandar has a really powerful role in the film as Director Marghadarsi who is the mentor for Mano Rajan. The character can definitely be considered as a tribute to the legendary director and shows us that he still lives within our hearts. Andrea and Pooja do not have a lot of scope in the film to perform but are adequate for their roles.

Heart Melting

Jayaram appears for a very short portion in the film but has a prominent character that is important to the storyline. MsBhaskar who is usually known for his comical roles has shown us his emotional side through the character Chokku. Nassar provides some comic relief in this film with a character that is quite dumbed down in the plot. Gibran has done a excellent job in the music department by providing beautiful tunes and a powerful BGM that blends well with the rest of the film.  The only drawback to the film is some of the dull comic moments in the 17th century and the slow screenplay. However, the engaging drama from the present generation combined with the powerful visuals make it all flow well together.

Overall, Ramesh Aravind has done an excellent job in the film by exploring the contrast between two different themes from two different time periods and has blended them both into a perfect story. Kamal Hassan has enhanced this film by creating a story that takes the best parts of his real life and presented it in a beautiful form on screen. Audiences will not only enjoy the entertainment provided in this film but will also experience the fascinating life of Mano Ranjan the SuperStar.

The climax of Uttama Villain provides a heart-melting scene in which the experience is so real that it doesn’t feel like a movie anymore. Uttama Villain is a film that will stay in the audiences’ hearts even after they leave the theatre and will be remembered as one of Kamal Hassan’s classics in the years to come.

Verdict: Heart-Wrenching Tale Of A SuperStar
Rating : 3.5/5

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