Vaazhl (Review): It is much more than the story. Enjoy the trip.

Pradeep Anthony

When I was 15 years old just a month away from my 10th standard exams my dad came to me and said if you do this well your life will be easy. I closed my eyes and imagined myself with my office laptop in front. Damn nothing has changed.

Why are you telling this hear is what I can hear!

Just now I had a celluloid experience called Vaazhl, which is making me remember these things. Just looking back at the stereo types like the lead character Prakash had in the film as a nightmare but that is what the film maker has told in the film – ‘Leave everything behind and start meeting new people at new places to kill this damn monotony hell’ – which is at times a much bigger pandemic than Covid.

Navigating Life’s Monotony: A Reflection on Vaazhl and Personal Journeys

Pradeep Anthony, the actor who played Prakash here had played a pivotal role in the director’s first movie, Aruvi. In Vaazhl, Pradeep is very good as an average IT employee. His look and body language makes us feel as if we have seen him. He struck me from the very first scene where he looks at ‘Yaatramma’, played by TJ Bhanu. I think here more than the writer or any other person the lens itself must have fell in love with that girl. She is striking beautiful! I was like Prakash. Just staring at her. He was quick enough to speak to her but that is short lived when he realizes that she is his married cousin.

Prakash’s life changes when Yathramma comes to him again. She asks him for a help to take her and her kid, Aahrav, to Nagarcoil. The rest of the movie is all about traveling. Not only to Nagarcoil.

Sometimes, when we see a monkey or a dog, we think that it’s good to be an animal like them than being a human. This thought is an after effect of the bad experiences we faced but we forget that the animal too has his/her own problems. This movie in a way says that commitments are always there and they can wait. Just leave it, meet new people, learn new things, see new places, live life today because tomorrow is tomorrow.

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