Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu (Reveiw): Near-Dazzling Action Drama

Venthu Thanindhathu Kaadu Review

Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu is based on the life of a 21-year-old boy named Muthu who goes to Mumbai from Tirunelveli district. After education Muthu Veeran is working in his village. Mother (Radhika) fears that Muthu’s anger will turn him into a murderer. Thus she tries to send him to Mumbai through a person she knows. An incident that happens puts a gun in Muthu’s hand and reaches Mumbai. He soon falls into contact with Mumbai’s underworld. The entire premise of the movie revolves around this journey. The first half moves towards when he is going to use the gun, and the second half is all about how he is using it.

How are minions created? How are they used? The script written by Jeyamohan and Gautham Menon takes where and how their life ends. The narrative takes us through Muthu’s journey in gradual and beautifully presented stages. There is a subplot of Sreedharan (Neeraj Madhav).

The captivating soundtracks of AR Rahman elevates the whole movie to another level. It is the music that gives a classy touch. The Malayalam Rap song was surprising, and pulsating. The transition from Malayalam Rap to Tamil at the perfect time was again unexpected. Goosebumps guaranteed. ‘Engu thodangi, Engu mudiyum’ is an absolute feel on screen. AR Rahman provides an exhilarating score which upraises the feel and tone of the movie perfectly.

The first thing that impresses is Silambarasan. That is from the very first scene. In the first half, he plays an innocent 21-year-old boy and in the second half, he plays a gangster. It’s a terrific performance. When he asks ‘Konneengala? Ethukku?’ to Appukutty we see the character who doesn’t have any idea about the situation he is in. Never before seen him like this. I just loved him in that position. This character is extremely well written as well. Even his body language is maintained and developed well throughout. Silambarasan gives an exemplary performance as Muthu. This is his best, his most fervent and intense performance. ‘Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu’ will end up as an important film in his career. It will add a good number of fans to his fan base.

Neeraj Madhav as Sreedharan, a heartbreaking character, deserves special mention. The character becomes more and more captivating as the film goes on. Hope we see him more in the second part. Radhika Sarathkumar is very good. She shines bright in the scene when she gets unexpected high money from her son. Jaffer Sadiq does a creditable job. Appukutty, Siddhique all did their part well.

There are references to few classic gangster movies. Eg. ‘Pudichirukku’ scene is just like the ‘Pudichirukku’ scene from Mani Ratnam’s ‘Thalapathi’.

Romantic portions are comparatively very less for a Gautham Menon film. The scenes are decent even though Siddhi Idnani who did the role of ‘Paavai’ is not convincing enough. One romantic song that comes at the peak time becomes a speed breaker, and also the last few minutes of the movie felt like taken from some other movie. It is not faithful to the rest of the movie.

The sleeping giant is awaken. Gautham Vasudev Menon. There are at least a dozen of memorable scenes. Such as the interval action block and ‘Mallipoo’ song. Overall movie is paced very well. Nothing unique in terms of plot but executed extremely well. Gautham wasn’t trying for a movie that can compete with ‘Nayakan’, he was just trying to make an entertaining film. In that he succeeded. It’s stylish, thrilling, touching, musical and even witty. Worth a theatre visit for any gangster movie aficionado.

3.5 Rating

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