Vivegam Review: You can just sit, smile and watch Thala nail another block buster

Vivegam Movie Review

Review of Vivegam: Not really a fan of Siva movies but it was hard to not get caught up in the hype. Vivegam is the third installment in Ajith-Siva combination and it is the best so far. The script is not very clever.Sole purpose of Siva’s Vivegam with Ajith is to entertain with its pumping CGI filled action scenes, and have a decent plot to give enough reasoning for the hero and villains to fight each other.

Ajith Kumar is awesome once again. His screen presence is extraordinary, and audience cannot wait for the next scene with him. The man has a natural talent for portraying a James Bond kinda cool killer. Somebody should make a Mad Max movie with Ajith Kumar. The support characters in previous Siva movies, especially the negative ones were annoying and it repeats here. Akshara Haasan is ok. Vivek Oberoi is misused, he is wasted in a poorly written role and dialogues. There’s a serious lack of character development. Supporting characters are pretty much text book as far as the writing goes. Let us forget these things. Then there is Anirudh’s background sound track, which as usual sync well with the mood for the theater experience of the movie. Surviva is for goosebumps moments.

On the flipside, soundtrack is too loud, supporting characters are too one dimensional, few unwanted unrelated dialogues and scenes, over-the-top action scenes goes over the over, and as the thrilling trip takes longer the wow factor fades away slowly, eg. the old fashioned climax. The story is far-fetched if you take it too seriously. Fans of #Thala Ajith will absolutely love it! It had the good amount of mass action scenes separated with drama and uturn moments to relax your vocals before another action.

The film is made to appeal more to that side of you that claps and squeals excitedly. This movie is so very clearly made for the fans. You can just sit, smile and watch Ajith Kumar nail another box office block buster with Siva.

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