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Alamara Movie Review

Midhun Manuel Thomas returns with a fun-filled, feel-good entertainer, following Aadu-Oru Bheekarajeeviyanu and Ann Mariya Kalippilanu. The story revolves around the troubles and glitches that arise between families during a wedding and how they impact the newlyweds. The plot incorporates basic ego issues, problems with in-laws, suggestions from friends, and special “gifts,” all skillfully blended with good humor. The situations are easily relatable to any common Malayali family and there are high chances where you would pass a glance at your better half while watching film to make it a statement that is had happened to us also!

Mahesh Gopal’s Story Rescued by John Manthrickal’s Screenplay

The trailer of the film had pretty much said what the movie is going to be and there are NO unsaid surprises waiting in the theatres. The story by Mahesh Gopal could sound a normal cliched one but the screenplay by John Manthrickal rescued it. The direction moved smoothly. One or two cuts were little uncomfortable otherwise the editing by Lijo Paul was fine. Cinematography by Satheesh Kurup was good. The film had only two songs, by Suraj S. Kurup and they are neither instantly catchy nor bad, background score accompanied well with the plot. Special credits to Lal Jose and LJ films who made it reach a big number of stations all over the world on the Kerala release date itself.

The actors were all impressive. Sunny Wayne neatly handled the leading role, Arun. Adithi Ravi delivered a good performance and looked the girl next door. The others like Aju Varghese, Saiju Kurup, Manikandan Achari, Seema G Nair, Indrans and all were apt for there characters. Ranji Panicker, portraying Arun’s father, delivered a surprisingly enjoyable performance, showcasing a never-before-seen innocent and wife-fearing avatar.

Fun-Filled Wedding Troubles: A Malayali Family Affair

Over all Alamara can surely give few good laughs and may be a reality check. There’s nothing new but the simplicity is the base of this film. Family audience and youngsters can equally prefer Alamara for a weekend watch.

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