13 Most Disturbing and Violent Movies

13 Most Disturbing and Violent Movies

13 Most disturbing and violent movies.


Kidnapped (2010) – Director Miguel Ángel Vivas: Three hooded Eastern-European criminals burst into a home in a Madrid gated community, holding the family hostage in its own home, and forcing the father to empty his credit cards.


In Das Experiment (2001), Director Oliver Hirschbiegel recruits 20 male participants to assume the roles of prisoners and guards in a prison. The participants receive instructions to follow seemingly mild rules, and the guards receive orders to maintain order without resorting to physical violence.

Das Experiment

Martyrs (2008) – Director Pascal Laugier: a fascinating character study of a girl, psychologically damaged as a child, who wants vengeance against the people who brutalized her in the past.


Strange Circus (2005) – Director Sion Sono: The erotic novelist Taeko is writing a morbid story of a family destroyed by incest, murder and abuse. Her assistant, Yuji, sets on a mission to uncover the reality of this story, but the reality might be too much to bear.

Strange Circus (2005)

The Woman (2011) – Director Lucky McKee: When a successful country lawyer captures and attempts to civilize the last remaining member of a violent clan that has roamed the Northeast coast for decades, he puts the lives of his family in jeopardy.

The Woman

Wolf Creek (2005) – Director Greg McLean: We look at a serial killer through the eyes of a victim.
Wolf Creek (2005)

Inside (À l’intérieur) (2007) – Director Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury: Four months after the death of her husband, a woman on the brink of motherhood is tormented in her home by a strange woman who wants her unborn baby.


Ichi the Killer (2001) – Director Takashi Miike: As sadomasochistic yakuza enforcer Kakihara searches for his missing boss he comes across Ichi, a repressed and psychotic killer who may be able to inflict levels of pain that Kakihara has only dreamed of.


Saw Series (2004-2010) – Director James Wan: Two men wakes up in the secure lair of a killer who forces them to play a deadly game that will determine life or death.

Saw (2004)

In My Skin (2002) – Director Marina de Van: A woman grows increasingly fascinated with her body after suffering a disfiguring accident.

In My Skin

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) – Director Pier Paolo Pasolini: Four fascist libertines round up nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to a hundred and twenty days of physical, mental and sexual torture.

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

A Serbian Film (2010) – Director Srdjan Spasojevic: Don’t watch this movie.
A Serbian Film

Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – Director Ruggero Deodato: Don’t watch this movie.

Cannibal Holocaust

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