Is Ishq a Copy? The story of Ishq, Landmine Goes Click, and S Durga

Ishq, a Malayalam thriller, directed by Anuraj Manohar starring Shane Nigam, Shine Tom Chacko and Anna Sheetal opened with highly positive reviews from critics and audience, and the movie running with packed houses everywhere. Suddenly Sanal Kumar, the director of ‘S Durga’ came forward saying Ishq is copied from his movie. Definitely no. It doesn’t seem to be. It looks like a mere coincident about the plot-line. For the sake of not revealing too much, Ishq’s plot is not complex, and it deals with ‘Cheriya thinmayum valiya thinmayum’.

S Durga

S Durga (Sexy Durga) directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan has won numerous awards across the globe. The thriller-drama won the Hivos Tiger Award at the 2017 International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Golden Apricot at Armenia’s Yerevan International Film Festival in the category International Feature Competition, 2017 and the Best International Feature Film award at the Guanajuato International Film Festival in Mexico. The movie has a narrow similar plot-line with Ishq. S Durga (popular as Sexy Durge) covers a wide range of social issues as well, in pure raw form. It is bigger than Ishq. Wonder why the director is excited over this (if suppose he was mentioning about this film in his social media post. no movie titles were mentioned in that post). Ishq is definitely not a copy of this. But. You have to check here.

Landmine Goes Click

The similarity of Ishq with that of Landmine Goes Click is uncanny. The whole plot line, the scenes, the revenge, what happens here, what happens there, how they reacts are very much the same. What is the basic line of Landmine Goes Click? The hero watch helplessly as his girl he loves is brutally assaulted. Later the hero tries to take revenge. Landmine Goes Click is a 2015 Georgian thriller film directed by Levan Bakhia. It didn’t go well with critics nor with the audience. Anyhow, leaving those points aside, the movie Ishq written by Ratheesh Ravi and directed by Anuraj Manohar is a more relatable, well presented, well performed and a better movie than Landmine Goes Click.
Note: S Durga is more powerful, and more disturbing.

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