Amazing Hidden Details in SUPER DELUXE

Hidden details in Super Deluxe. HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD. Super Deluxe must the movie which got the highest rating in almost all the popular film critics in India. The fabulous Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s Super Deluxe is a marvellous filmmaking. You must be knowing already about crazy connections, and amazing detailing in Super Deluxe movie, you must have discussed with your friends about various points the film discussed on screen. Here are few tiny plot details, and movie goofs you never noticed before in Super Deluxe. Don’t miss these hidden details in Super Deluxe.


The boys’ plot ends up meeting an Alien. The film has more than few references to the ‘Alien’ at various stages of the story. Comes in voice, posters, and in visual also.

Alien in Super Deluxe
A shot from the movie Paul directed by Greg Mottola
Alien in Super Deluxe
James Cameron’s Aliens (Movie) Poster
Super Deluxe Hidden Details
The program in TV mention about Aliens living on Earth

In this scene we can hear the TV program about ALIENS. It also says that ‘there might be aliens among us’.


Magic Event happens in everybody’s life, ie in all the four plots of Super Deluxe. In Shilpa’s plot, in one scene we can see the words ‘Magic Event’ turns to ‘Real Life Magic Event’. It is cleverly added in post production.

Magic Event
Real Life Magic Event


While all the other plots happens in one day, Shilpa’s plot actually happens a day prior to others. It is revealed towards the end but there is a clue about this in this scene itself. We can see ‘the dead’ man here.

Vaembu’s Ex Boy Friend


The movie which the boys goes to after escaping from all the troubles. The poster of Vaazhvin Ragasiyam can be seen many times in the movie.

Vaazhvin Ragasiyam


All the plots happen in very near-by places. We can see characters/locations cross-over few times. Not only these plots but also – the whole Super Deluxe happens in a location around Aaranya Kaandam.

Roof Top in Boys Plot
Roof Top in Shilpa’s Plot
Aaranya Kaandam in Super Deluxe


We can see few references to Ambedkar as well.

Ambedkar Coin in Super Deluxe
Ambedkar Coin
Ambedkar Board in Super Deluxe
Ambedkar Board

There are a lot more hidden in this movie. It will take more than a dozen viewing to find more. You might be coming across some other details. Feel free to share it here in comment box.

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  1. Plumeria Movies | 11/04/2019 at 8:07 pm |

    It is already written there. Checkout the marking – Eg: Alien.

  2. Please tell me what the other poster says, I can read Singaperumal but can’t make out the second poster. Thank you for posting so much great information!

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