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Tamil Movie Review Super Deluxe

I won’t link this film with any particular genre, as Thiyagaran Kumararaja said, it stands out on its own. Super Deluxe is a remarkable cinema.

I start with a scene between Vijay Sethupathi and Mysskin. The character Shilpa (Vijay Sethupathi) confessing to Arputham (Mysskin). Is epic. What a performance by Vijay! We can see Mysskin’s reaction, it was the same expression on me also. For different reasons. I was awe-stuck by his performance at that very point.

Samantha Akkineni. This is another reminder that actresses here are highly talented and ready to explode, they are just waiting for the right character and director. Trisha Krishnan amused me as Jaanu in 96, now Samantha as Vembu. Samantha and Vijay Sethupathi, you have my votes for the very next award.

Thiyagaran Kumararaja and the script writers

I guess Fahad Fazil just cake walked as Mugil. He evokes laughter and emotion with his eyes alone. Gayathrie’s character hardly have half a page of words to deliver in the whole movie, but by the time her portion ends you will be touched enough for few drops of tears. It is these moments that give “Super Deluxe” that ‘classic’ touch. That kid. Was wonderful as well. Every actor brings a different emotion to the film.

Mysskin’s portion is more like a philosophical one. Each story is mesmerizing, contrasting and has a lot to discuss about. Stories are hilarious and shocking, at the same time very serious. Nobody is perfect or innocent in this world, it depends our own logic and sense, and this movie plays on that notion. The interconnections among the stories do not come across as a forced, or for the sake of the climax, but rather comes as sheer accidents. It all fits together in a graceful yet unique way. In the beginning it gives a feel that all these stories are happening simultaneously. Like in Pulp Fiction, Super Deluxe also doesn’t reveal the time-date of the stories. The director keeps it hidden till a certain point.

Super Deluxe is a masterpiece

Certain ‘shock’ scenes comes now and then. Then there is comic-parts, then, the thriller-part, then the emotional. Everything is perfectly timed and nothing drags along.

Vijay Sethupathi in Super Deluxe Review
Vijay Sethupathi in Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe is as deep as it is cinematically beautiful. It is wonderfully shot, with great cinematography and art which really breathes life to the story and the eccentric mood of overall film. Now, the sound. In certain scenes, I was enthralled with the RR. Especially the high-voltage scenes of Bagavathi Perumal. Unexpected and eerie. Yuvan’s music is thumbs up again. Like in Aaranya Kaandam, there are Ilayaraja songs in background. I would like to ask Thiyagarajan Kumaraja to make a movie full of Ilayaraja songs.

Super Deluxe is a masterpiece. Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s impeccable style and talent combining with electric performances from everybody make this a Pulp Fiction of our gen. Great atmosphere, great film. It is brilliant in every sense of the word, and should not be missed.

4.5 Rating

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