Adam Joan Review: Excellent soundtrack, decent writing, and solid performances

Adam Joan Review

Adam Joan Review: Adam Joan has a good story and good actors in it. So it was bound to be enjoyable and it didn’t fail to live up to that expectation. Adam Joan marks the directorial debut of scriptwriter Jinu Abraham, the writer of Masters, and London Bridge starring Prithviraj. He has written an emotional roller-coaster action film. Adam Joan is one of those rare Malayalam action films that have its emotional scenes, twists and action blended well! His script will keep your sentiments with the character as the movie move on.

Prithviraj offers up an outstanding performance as the morbidly depressive Adam Joan Pothen. Prithviraj is unbelievably believable. Mishti is very beautiful. You will like her so much that you actually start to like it when Prithviraj starts his action for her. Also the supporting cast is more than solid with Bhavana putting in very strong performance, with Lena, Narien and Rahul also worth mentioning. On the downside, there are few characters which were rather unimportant and were placed in there just to fill in some minutes.

Bhavana Menon in Adam Joan

What makes this movie noteworthy is mostly believable way Jinu Abraham develops story through characters’ relationships. What hits back is that we feel they are trying really hard to be stylish which eventually takes some of the emotions away. I guess the filmmaker hoped to have you drawn deeply enough into the characters and the story to forgive the too much colouring for ‘style’. Anyway, actors and the script pull you in to the story and make you crave revenge.


  • Music, Songs
  • Visuals
  • Prithviraj
  • Plot twists/turns


  • Takes good time in the beginning for grabbing your interest. So have to be patient before getting the reward.
  • It drags a little

I will continue to sing the praises of Prithviraj for his thirst for giving different and superior quality movies continuously. He is successful most of the times. Adam Joan is another one. This movie is intense. There is action, but the heart of this movie beats in what drives it.

Adam Joan is very much worth watching if you’re at all attracted to the genre. An excellent soundtrack, good writing, flawless casting, and solid performances make this a must watch among Onam releases. A rewarding thriller, Adam Joan is a thriller film for people who don’t like thriller films.

3.5 Rating

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