Adam Joan (Malayalam) Review

Adam Joan Review

Adam Joan boasts a compelling story and talented actors. It was expected to be enjoyable, and it didn’t disappoint. Marking the directorial debut of scriptwriter Jinu Abraham, known for Masters and London Bridge starring Prithviraj, the film is an emotional roller-coaster action experience. Adam Joan stands out as one of those rare Malayalam action films that successfully blend emotional scenes, twists, and action. Jinu Abraham’s script effectively engages the audience’s sentiments, maintaining a strong connection with the characters as the movie progresses.

Prithviraj Sukumaran gives yet another great act

Prithviraj delivers an outstanding performance as the morbidly depressive Adam Joan Pothen. His portrayal is incredibly believable, captivating the audience. Mishti adds to the allure with her striking beauty. The chemistry between Prithviraj and Mishti is notable, especially during Prithviraj’s action sequences for her. The supporting cast is equally strong, with Bhavana delivering a powerful performance, and Lena, Narien, and Rahul deserving mention. On the downside, a few characters seem unimportant and appear to have been inserted merely to fill in some minutes.

Bhavana Menon in Adam Joan

What makes this movie noteworthy is Jinu Abraham’s mostly believable development of the story through characters’ relationships. However, what detracts from it is the apparent effort to be overly stylish, which ends up diminishing some of the emotions. It seems the filmmaker aimed to immerse the audience deeply in the characters and the story, hoping they would overlook the excessive stylization. Nevertheless, the actors and the script effectively draw you into the narrative, evoking a strong desire for revenge.


  • Music, Songs
  • Visuals
  • Prithviraj
  • Plot twists/turns


  • The beginning of the movie requires a substantial amount of time to capture your interest, so you need to be patient before experiencing the rewards.

I will continue to commend Prithviraj for consistently delivering different and high-quality movies. His success rate is impressive, and “Adam Joan” is no exception. The movie is intense, with action playing a part, but its essence lies in its driving force.

“Adam Joan” is highly recommended for anyone drawn to the genre. An outstanding soundtrack, well-crafted writing, impeccable casting, and strong performances make it a must-watch among Onam releases. Serving as a rewarding thriller, “Adam Joan” stands out as a film in the genre even for those who typically aren’t fans of thrillers.

3.5 Rating

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