Akkaldhamayile Pennu (Review)

Akkaldhamayile Pennu review

Explore the distinct narrative of “Akkaldhamayile Pennu” (Review), a film directed by Jairam Khailas that steers away from the conventional Malayalam cinema. Unraveling across three stages of the lead characters, the movie adopts a linear and simplistic storytelling approach, delivering unexpected surprises that resonate as you immerse yourself in the characters’ journeys.

Nuanced and commendable portrayals by Shweta Menon and Malavika

Shweta Menon and Malavika deliver commendable performances in their respective roles. Shweta Menon embraces a unique character, portraying a woman compelled to safeguard herself and her daughter with a knife under her pillow. Malavika, with her natural performance, ventures into uncharted territory, portraying her challenging role with fearless finesse. Lal’s presence, aided by voice-over, enhances certain scenes and contributes to the film’s overall aesthetics. While Shaaju, Sudheer, and the unexpected role played by Vineeth are portrayed in an exaggerated manner, Malavika truly shines, establishing herself as an actress to watch.

Venu’s cinematography deserves special mention, capturing visual beauty with a striking blend of green and black against water backdrops, significantly elevating the film’s impact. Alphonse’s musical compositions and background score further enrich the artistic quality of the film.

Penned by Sinoj Nedungolam, the story and script stand out, particularly in their unusual and emotionally compelling nature, resembling the beauty of a novel. However, a notable execution flaw lies in the simplistic characterization of crucial roles, where villains perform solely villainous deeds, and virtuous characters engage in only good actions. Despite this, “Akkaldhamayile Pennu” proves to be a worthwhile one-time watch, offering a unique storyline, captivating visuals, and impactful music.

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  1. preethi | 11/23/2015 at 8:11 pm |

    Awesome movie. Heartbreaking scenes and the highlight of the movie is the beautiful location and mind blowing cinematography which needs special appreciation

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