Akkaldhamayile Pennu (Review) – Will make you feel her pain 3.5/5

Akkaldhamayile Pennu review

Akkaldhamayile Pennu (Review) directed by Jairam Khailas has an unusual story and is away from the usual Malayalam films.The movie travels through three stages of the lead characters. The narration is linear and simplistic, doesn’t hold back any surprises, but after you sit down to watch the movie and goes with the characters, you will feel their pain.

Shweta Menon and Malavika gave good performances in their respective roles. It is a completely different role for Shweta Menon, as a lady who has to keep a knife under her pillow while sleeping to keep herself and daughter safe from others. Malavika did very well with her natural performance. She breaks new ground playing the difficult role with a daring elan. Presence of Lal is there with voice-over, this helps few scenes and the overall look of the film. Shaaju and Sudheer are over the top, and so is Vineeth who in an unexpected role. The team has made everyone in this film ‘act’. Akkaldhamayile Pennu is Malavika, she is an actress to look forward.

Cinematography by Venu does need special mention. Visual beauty with the touch of green and black in the backdrop of water is very impressive and saves the film in a big way. Alphonse’s song and background score add to the artistry.

The story and script by Sinoj Nedungolam is good, especially the story. It is very unusual, artistry and heart breaking. The story has the beauty of a novel. The only issue in execution which effect the film is the characterization of few of the important characters. It is as simple as a straight line, villain is a villain and does only villainous things and good people are good people who do only good things. The characters, with the location and costumes, will feel distinct for the audience and will take hard time to reach the audience to feel for the lead. Overall, the film is a good one time watch for the unusual story, visuals and music.

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  1. preethi | 11/23/2015 at 8:11 pm |

    Awesome movie. Heartbreaking scenes and the highlight of the movie is the beautiful location and mind blowing cinematography which needs special appreciation

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