Baahubali – The Face Of Change Indian Cinema!

Michael Crichton thought it would be a great idea to find out what will happen if dinosaurs existed in the contemporary world therefore he tried writing it as a novel with the title Jurassic Park. Steven Spielberg got excited for the same idea and he wanted to see it all in visuals, he wanted to bring it on screen. The task was extremely tough but Spielberg proved that where there is a will, there is a way. Jurassic Park released in 1991 and the rest is history. To imagine visuals (to a creative person) might be easy but to make it happen is difficult. Hollywood has given us many movies that had visuals beyond imagination. Now, from the West we are coming all the way to the East. Indian cinema has the largest number of audience, almost 1600 movies release every year, our stars enjoy stardom like no other actor in the world, basically we live in a country where people are quiet obsessed with movies and that is good. But we could never think of competing with the west in terms of grandeur. But in 2015 then Baahubali happened…

This thought often comes to my mind that what would have been the first ever reaction when S.S Rajamouli spoke about the visuals and grandeur he wanted for the world of Baahubali?! What were the discussions between him and the producers? How did he convince someone to spend such a huge amount into a project. The epicness of the story demanded to be shot in two parts. The leading actors had to keep a big chunk of dates separate for Baahubali. Every department of the film had hundreds of people working hard to get even the tiniest of the detail perfect. The visuals that the director had in his mind were not just some palaces, chariots, swords and armors, Mahishmathi was a complete world in itself and half of it is yet to be discovered by the audience. The budget was an unbelievable amount for an Indian film. It was even hard to guess whether the film will collect the money spent on making it. And when the first part got released we realized that every penny was worth it. Baahubali made it a statement that if the money is spent on the right project, it will be recovered.

Baahubali was the perfectly marketed film. The makers made sure that every character is publicised well. During the release of the firs part, they hadn’t revealed much and when the film got released they had given the ‘Why Did Kattappa Kill Baahubali’ question to the audience. The hype is still maintained like in the beginning and this time it has got only bigger. Most importantly Rajamouli has created a trust factor in the audience that he can make big things possible, Magadheera was bigger than his previous films and Eega was bigger than Magadheera. Baahubali, The Conclusion is expected to be bigger and better than Baahubali, The Beginning. The film is the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema and it is a boon to the South Indian cinema, not all big budget films have to be made in Bollywood. The South Indian actors can also create a national market through these film like Prabhas now has a nationwide market and his next release is a big budget trilingual. When Indian cinema is finding it’s space on an international platform, South Indian cinema is making it’s space on the national platform. Also if today a producer is ready to invest 1000 crores in a regional project (Randaamoozham, Malayalam), then definitely the business done by Baahubali is a source of confidence.

S.S. Rajamouli is one of the greatest filmmakers of Indian Cinema because he has given it a new dimension. Let it be the computer graphics or the magnificent sets, the war sequences or the fairytale moments, every aspect was well captured and delivered by the director. The Baahubali franchise, apart from the two films will continue as novels, comics, graphic novels, video games and other merchandises. This is the first time a movie getting so big and cherished as part of history. Now even epics like Mahabharatha or great literary pieces like Ponniyin Selvan have possibilities of getting made as the heavy budgets and technics doesn’t seem to be far fetched. Baahubali, The Conclusion is going to release in two days and the pre-booking itself has recovered the production cost! for the first time the entire nation is looking forward for one film and we hope that Baahubali is just a beginning to the greater heights our cinema is going to conquer.

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