Director Adhik Ravichandran On STR’s AAA!

Get ready for a cinematic extravaganza as Simbu, popularly known as STR, is all set to dazzle the screen with his upcoming film “Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan.” Director Adhik Ravichandran spills the beans on this much-anticipated project, revealing that the film will be released in two dimensions. With STR essaying three distinct roles, the running time has surged to an impressive two hours and forty minutes, prompting the decision to split the film into two parts. The characters, especially the enigmatic Simbu’s appearances, are anticipated to be major highlights, promising a thrilling cinematic experience.

STR’s Magnum Opus: Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan Set to Unveil in Two Dimensions

Adhik Ravichandran expresses his joy at collaborating with Simbu, highlighting the actor’s encouragement and sincere dedication to the project. Simbu underwent a physical transformation for the film, gaining weight for the initial characters and subsequently shedding it for the third. The make-up team, renowned for their work on Suriya’s iconic Athreya look in “24,” is crafting Simbu’s Ashwin Thatha appearance, involving three hours of daily make-up sessions. Simbu’s multifaceted talent extends to lyric writing, contributing to a song in the film, with the music composed by the celebrated Yuvan Shankar Raja. Fans are eager to witness the reunion of the Yuvan-Simbu combo after an extended hiatus, and the film is poised to bring back Simbu in his signature super-energetic avatar.

The first dimension of “Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan” is slated for a June release, with the second dimension following towards the end of the year. Despite recent release challenges for Simbu’s films, Adhik is determined to defy expectations and ensure a timely and successful unveiling of this much-anticipated cinematic spectacle.

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