Chembarathi Malayalam Serial (Zee5, Zee Malayalam)

Chembarathi is a television series starring Aishwarya, Amala Gireesan, Stabin Jacob, Prabin, Yavanika Gopalakrishnan, and Sree Padma. Chembarathi is in Malayalam language telecasted exclusively in Zee5 and Zee Malayalam TV Channel. One of the most successful serial in Malayalam, Chembarathi, is directed by Dr. S. Janardhanan, and written by Sumesh Chathannoor. Jose Alappey and Vishnu handles the camera and Sivasankar is the editor.

Chembarathi is a remake of the Tamil serial with the same title (Chembaruthi/Semparuthi). The original version screenplay was written by G. Sabarinathan. Chembaruthi was directed by five directors (Ram Kumaradhas, Divya Dinesh, P.S. Dharan, Sulaiman. K. Babu and P. Neeravi Pandian). The serial has completed 530 episodes. It was released on 16 October 2017 on Zee Tamil, and it is available in online streaming site Zee5. Click here for all episodes of Chembarathi.

Aishwarya in Chembarathi
Aishwarya in Chembarathi. Pic Courtesy Zee5
Priyaraman in Semparuthi
Priyaraman in Semparuthi. Pic Courtesy Zee5

Narasimham heroine Aiswarya plays the role of Thrichambarath Akhilandeswari, a powerful woman who controls a rich family. In the Tamil version the role was done by popular Malayalam-Tamil actress Priya Raman. The Kerala State Television award winner Amala Gireesan plays the role of Kalyani, an innocent girl from village who happened to enter the family. Stebin Jacob plays Anand Krishnan while Prabin plays Aravind Krishnan. Sree Padma is also there in a very important role, as Vilasani. The story is all about the conflicts that comes up when one of the sons of Akhilandeswari falls in love with Kalyani. It deals with class differences also.


Chembarathi Malayalam serial has grabbed audience attraction from the very initial episodes itself. The melodrama has enough twists and turns to keep the audience engaging. Let it be the romantic portion, or the thaali portion or brand ambassador or engagement or the ex-lover, it keeps on going. It does a good job in engaging their targeted audience. Amala Gireesan as Kalyani was a wonderful selection. She looks beautiful and her performance is very good as well.

Amala Gireesan as Kalyani in Chemparathi
Amala Gireesan as Kalyani in Chemparathi. Pic Courtesy Zee5

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