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People generally tend to say that when you are witnessing an art form which has celebrities rendering their work for it don’t get your heads into the reality of their real life which is easy said than done.
Yes, as the title reveals I am here to speak about the film Chhichhore starring Late Sushant and Shradha in the lead.

It is really a bad idea to have witnessed a film which speaks of so much positivity to be shown towards life and not able to convince your mind to take out the reality of Sushant is no more from your mind.

So when it comes to the content of the film it speaks about the pressurising of mind of the Indian adolescents thinking that life is over at 16 for me, it starts in that way where the late actor acts as a 40 year old matured man who brings in the reality of life by trying to convince his son that life is not about losing or winning its about what we try.

Now at this point of the film I suddenly get a juggle in my body as if woke up from a very bad nightmare and start to think about Sushant’s real life tragedy, it’s a lockdown midnight and now I am helpless but somehow I have to come out of this and watch the film but if I do that these questions of why’s keep on iterating in my head, after sometime I somehow convince my self and go back into the film.

Before all this I would like to say something I had watched the trailer of the film long back during the occasion of its theatrical release after coming to know that it has Sushant playing the lead because now he is a known face in south too, thanks to the Untold story. When I watched the trailer, I was not that impressed and never had an idea of watching it.

Now the lockdown starts, and I was watching an interview of Navin Polishetty who had acted in Chhichhore. I saw the interview because of his Telugu film Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya which I had watched a week before that in which he speaks about Chhichhore so again I hear that name somehow and this time I had some idea of watching it in my mind and again forgotten, now the third phase of this thinking of whether watching it or not hits my mind and that Incident of sorrow happens and now my mind develops a different frame of Ego which says that if you watch it now then its like celebrating a man after his death which is in a way very bad. On the other hand, the same fact drives the curiosity in me to watch it without knowing the fact that it speaks about mental pressure. Finally, the jinx breaks and I start to watch it after hearing the Song Khairiyat.

There is one scene in the film where Sushant tells his son that if you clear your entrance exams we can have this bottle of wine in Joy and after his son’s tragic attempt, he weeps with his friends saying that I told my son that if he clears his exams I had an idea to celebrate but I never had a way for the other side of the result.

Again this takes an emotional toil on the viewer and takes you back to reality which stays devilish into your head forget about the reasons everyone are speaking about his death but when its not that easy to remove that from your head and watch a movie with ease although it being a movie but speaks about do or try.

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