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Engaging with an art form featuring celebrities often necessitates separating the reel from the real, a task easier said than done. This dilemma becomes particularly poignant when contemplating a film like “Chhichhore,” starring the late Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles.

The Film’s Positivity and Life’s Realities

“Chhichhore” endeavors to instill positivity, addressing the mental pressures faced by Indian adolescents who often believe life peaks at 16. The narrative, guided by a 40-year-old matured protagonist played by Sushant, emphasizes life’s essence lying not in winning or losing but in the effort we put forth.

Personal Struggle with Reality

Yet, as the film unfolds, an unsettling juggle occurs within the viewer. The stark reality of Sushant’s untimely demise intrudes, causing a disconcerting interruption. In the solitude of a midnight lockdown, the film’s positive message clashes with the haunting questions surrounding Sushant’s tragic end. The struggle to reconcile these conflicting emotions adds an unexpected layer of complexity to the viewing experience.

Journey to Watching “Chhichhore”

Before delving into this internal struggle, it’s worth noting the initial hesitation to watch the film. The trailer failed to impress initially, and the idea of viewing it remained dormant until a chance encounter with an interview featuring Navin Polishetty, an actor from the film. The continuous whispers of “Chhichhore” and a tragic incident heightened the internal debate on whether watching it was a celebration or a somber reflection on the late actor’s life.

Emotional Impact of Key Scenes

Certain scenes, like the father-son conversation about celebrating success, hit especially hard. Sushant’s character’s emotional journey, from hopeful anticipation to heart-wrenching grief, mirrors the dichotomy of life’s unpredictable outcomes. These moments force a viewer to confront their own emotions and the painful reality beyond the cinematic narrative.


“Chhichhore,” despite its intended positivity, becomes entangled with the harsh reality of Sushant’s demise. The film’s themes of perseverance and trying take on new dimensions when viewed through the lens of the actor’s tragic fate. This nuanced interplay between fiction and reality adds an unexpected layer of complexity, challenging viewers to navigate the emotional terrain of a film in the aftermath of a real-life tragedy.

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